April 20, 2020

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Springtime ideas

цветной коллаж из разных элементов
Bid farewell to winter with some refreshing ideas this springtime.

In the current challenging circumstances, it can be difficult to remember that it is spring in the northern hemisphere. Nonetheless, the warmer weather means we can at least bid farewell to winter and find refreshing ways to greet the change of season.

Spring is upon us with gradually rising temperatures and longer and brighter days. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, is forcing us to revise our spring plans and routines, limit social contact and stay at home. There are still many ways to welcome the much-anticipated change of season and the new beginnings it typically brings.

1. Update your home (Finnish Design Shop)

Spring is just right for giving your home a new look and a fresh start. Founded in 2004, this world’s largest online shop specialised in Nordic design can provide you with a lot of ideas on how to enhance the beauty and function of your home with a Nordic twist.

The shop picks the best lifestyle design products from both iconic and less-known brands and spreads them across the globe to over 180 countries. For inspiration, have a gander at Design Stories, Finnish Design Shop’s own online magazine.

“Nordic values, like equality and closeness to nature, resonate everywhere,” said CEO Teemu Kiiski. “The Nordic nations are famously some of the happiest in the world, so our mission is to share pieces of this happiness.”

2. Declutter your closet (Zadaa)

Spring is the perfect time to prioritise and declutter wardrobes. But what’s next? Throwing away unwanted clothing is far from ideal, as it has serious repercussions for the environment. Make room for Zadaa.

Since 2015, this marketplace app has been helping people to buy and sell quality second-hand clothes by connecting people of similar build and style. On a mission to change the way people consume clothes, Zadaa has already attracted eco-conscious fashion lovers from over 300 European cities.

“Zadaa is a mobile application that helps people to sell and buy well-fitting, pre-loved clothing,” specified co-founder and CEO Iiro Kormi. “We wanted to create a service that makes recycling clothing so easy that even we would do it more actively.”

3. Start indoor gardening (Plantui)

Gardening is the ultimate symbol of spring, but gardening in the city is always a challenge. This Turku-based food tech company makes growing greens easy and accessible for all urban dwellers with its award-winning and globally-sought solution.

Plantui.com is designed for growing over 50 different kitchen herbs, salads and trendy microgreens, and suits all kinds of users, even those without even a hint of a green thumb. The smart garden provides optimal conditions for plants to thrive indoors under minimal supervision and has low energy consumption.

“Plantui is perfect for an urban gardener and responds to global megatrends: self-sufficiency, hyper local growing and sustainability,” says Piia Maaranen, CEO of Plantui.

4. Eat healthier (Oatlaws)

A change of season is the perfect time to rethink old eating habits and start making the right choices. On a mission to reinvent oatmeals and make people’s everyday lives easier and healthier, the Helsinki-based company offers a range of nutritionally rich oat-based products.

According to these award-winning innovators of oats, their plant-based, animal-free and guilt-free products are a sustainable choice that do good not only for people’s stomachs but also for the planet.

“Oats are pretty much the ideal ingredient,” noted CEO Teppo Ylä-Hemmilä. “They have loads of positive nutritional qualities with practically no negative ones.”

5. Pamper yourself (Supermood)

Winter can be tough on our bodies and minds, and so what better time than spring to pamper ourselves? With its holistic approach, this Finnish company offers a selection of products aimed to support beauty and wellness both internally and externally.

Supermood’s high-quality natural cosmetics and various wellbeing products, ranging from dietary supplements to chocolate, are gaining interest from all over the world.

“Our idea is that beauty and wellbeing are a sum of three factors,” explained CEO Joni Kukkohovi. “The first is how you nourish yourself; the second is how you look after the largest organ of the human body, your skin; and the third is about how you rest and let your body recover.”

Text: Zhanna Koiviola

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