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Windi Muziasari became an entrepreneur to help people

The people and nature here have made an impact on Katerina

Aiman highly values the freedom Finland offers

Uchida from Japan likes the flexibility of working here

“Sign language should be considered a minority language, not a disability,” says Signmark

Working here is informal and relaxed, says Lais

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible,” says Mia Kemppaala

Finnish startup ecosystem is easy to get involved in, says Anjana

“I am fascinated by the fact that disruption creates more than it destroys,” states Perttu Pölönen

Minwoo appreciates the creativity of Finland’s mobile games industry

Fabien runs a food kit delivery company in Helsinki

Turning research into business drives Kunal Garg

Glenn thinks Finland is a great place to raise children

“I believe and hope these exceptional times will boost combat against climate change,” says Jukka Leskelä

“I get bored very easily with things,” says Minna Parikka

Kelly from the US came here in search of adventure

“We should all be a bit more ambitious,” declares Ronny Eriksson

Education brought Daniel to Finland, entrepreneurship made him stay

“There are many problems so complicated that classical computers will never be able to solve them,” says Jan Goetz

Finland’s vibrant startup ecosystem appeals to Parneet

“I always aim for the stars but even if I get a cloud in the path, it’s OK,” says Chiara Costa 

“Our styles are like the two sides of Finland,” say Chao-Hsien Kuo and Eero Hintsanen

Finland’s IT industry is inclusive, balanced and has low hierarchy, says Igor

Vibha has embraced Finnish work-life balance

“Without art and music, life would be soulless,” ponders Siamäk Naghian

Yoshi believes in keeping an open mind and staying curious

Evon applauds the entrepreneur ecosystem in Finland

André came to Finland for a dream job, stayed for values

“Music keeps you humble and grateful, because it’s a gift,” says Tarja Turunen

Finland is a great place to work, says Grafton from the US

Be a doer in Finland, not a talker, suggests Suvi from China

Ben is helping Finland position itself as Europe’s leading battery hub

Mark appreciates Finland’s startup sector

Finnish and Australian work cultures are fairly similar, says Adam

Shalini’s connection with Finland continues to deepen

Finland is a perfect working environment for Frenchman Erwan

Mariana applies service design to immigration questions

Pamela found a passion for ethical coffee and Finnish winters

Anna Fatima sees Finland as a good place to start a company

Svetlana never gave up and landed the job of her dreams

“I consider the Finnish education system to be a very flexible one,” says Jouni Kangasniemi

“My philosophy is learning by doing,” says dentist, author and entrepreneur Tarek Omran

Helsinki keeps its promises, says Suphi

Life is wonderfully predictable in Finland for Priyam

Networking is the key to finding a job in Finland, says Inga

The Finnish startup ecosystem has impressed Hoang-Mai

Ionela feels that Finland’s e-commerce industry is very exciting and rewarding

Shiho finds working life here to be very open

Erica found love, Moomins and weightlifting in Finland

Sadeem switched from pharmacy to become a marketing executive

Former reporter and news anchor Ivy appreciates independence and equality

It’s no longer a secret that Finland has a lot to offer, says Megha

Starting a business are easy in Finland, says Iranthi

For Saurabh, Tampere is a home away from home

“Music has been a great form of self-expression for Finns,” says Kaisa Rönkkö

“Wild food isn’t just a privilege of rich people or fancy restaurants, it’s an everyman’s right”, Sami Tallberg states

“The meaning of sisu lives, grows and changes,” says Katja Pantzar

Carmen found supportive communities for entrepreneurs in Finland

“I’m a pretty average Finnish guy,” says Seoul-based celebrity Petri Kalliola

The Finnish startup ecosystem is focused on solving real problems, says Erdal

Maree advises anyone moving to Finland to embrace the quirky and the unusual

After a stint in Silicon Valley, Finland was the ideal place to live for Zak

Networking helped Lukumanu land his dream job in Finland

“Watches are not jewellery,” says Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva

Hyunseok appreciates the good work-life balance in Finland

Pete from the UK admires the work hard, play hard mentality

MJ values the low hierarchy in working life

“We've captured the essence of the Finnish berries in our wine,” say Paola Guerrero de Cohen and David Cohen

Minaë turned her passion for cooking into a collaborative platform for food entrepreneurs

“Eating disorders are common in sports, but their treatment is focused too much on how to eat,” says Nina Chydenius

“There’s still truth in the stereotype of Finns being silent,” says Max Ovaska

Moving to Finland was a jump into the unknown for Natalia

Blen believes programming skills can help solve societal problems

“Immigration and globalisation have broadened the definition of Finnish literature,” says Mehdi Ghasemi

The Finnish technology sector is in an exciting phase, says Talita

Trust is very important in Finland, says Slobodan

Finland is best for work, life and family, says Silvia

Do I Know You?

“We should find again our respect for nature and the fact that we are part of everything surrounding us,” says Eicca Toppinen

My Career: From Start to Finnish

Pamela found a passion for ethical coffee and Finnish winters