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Weekend Wrap

Sustainable ideas, incomprehensible lyrics, a new generation and beyond

Amos Rex’s spring exhibition ‘Generation 2020’ displays 80 works from artists between the ages 15-23.

Riku Pihlanto

Creativity is on an intense march across all genres this week. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

elago Bicycles rolls into the US market. (Photo: Pelago Bicycles) Read our Daily brief

Amos Rex gives the floor to a new generation of artists. (Photo: Riku PIhlanto) Read This is Finland’s story

Reima’s Voyager is a jacket for the future. (Photo: Reima)

CCultures clash in Mika Kaurismäki’s film Master Cheng. (Photo: Marianna Films) Read Scotsman’s story

One of the pros of a long and dark winter is a a tight-knit and flourishing gaming scene. (Photo: Ville Vappula) Read Computer Weekly’s story

Sushibar + Wine’s Norwegian catch is about to get bigger. (Photo: Sushibar + Wine) Read our Daily brief

Karina’s lyrics are incomprehensible, yet the soundscapes touch on universally felt feelings. (Photo: ALL DAY) Read Music Finland’s article

Over 500 million streams suggest that Axel Thesleff is the most listened to Finnish artist ever. (Photo: Sanna Keränen) Read Vent Magazine’s interview

Vladislav Delay’s new album, Rakka, is an intense dive into the harshness of nature. (Photo: Twitter/DelayTalk) Read Pitchfork’s review

Népra opts for the sustainable trail. (Photo: Népra) Read our feature article

By: Samuli Ojala