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Weekend Wrap

Second-hand Marimekko, psychedelic photography and rising saxophone stars

Renowned jazz magazine DownBeat picked saxophonists Mikko Innanen (pictured), Linda Fredriksson and Timo Lassy on its Rising Starts list.

Olli Suutela

Finnish nature takes the front seat this week, with British media highlighting the Saimaa region and North Karelian landscapes. Click on any photo to take a detailed look at recent creativity from Finland.

Marimekko lovers, take note. The fashion house is launching Marimekko Pre-Loved, a marketplace for second-hand and vintage goods to increase the lifespan of its products further. Set to open in Finland on 25 August, the marketplace will enable peer-to-peer sales but also allow independent vendors to use it to sell their pre-loved Marimekko products. (Photo: Marimekko)

It has been a good year for Kide Science, an edtech startup specialising in early-childhood education. The company has received the Education Finland Award, started a collaboration with Dreamworks’ popular Gabby’s Dollhouse kids series, and closed a one million-euro funding round. Read more on the Kide website. (Photo: Kide Science)

“Heaven near Helsinki” is how the Metro magazine describes Finland’s Saimaa region, for a good reason. Peace, quiet, nature and culinary experiences are guaranteed around Lake Saimaa, which boasts 13 710 islands and has the world’s longest lake coastline, at 14 500 kilometres. (Photo: Arto Hämäläinen / SGP / Visit Finland)

Honey, honey, how you thrill me… ABBA may have been singing about something other than actual honey, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving Hikiän biodynamic honey a try. The family business has been producing clean, raw honey for over 70 years, writes Scan Magazine. (Photo: Facebook / Hikiän Official)

Blind Magazine features Sari Soininen and her “psychedelic perception of the world” in its Young European Photographers documentary series. "In her portraits of mystical animals, faceless humans, and dreamlike landscapes, there is an ancestral force specific to civilizations that sanctify nature," the magazine explains. (Photo: Sari Soininen)

Making sustainable food choices isn’t always easy. A new blockchain-based app, developed by researchers at Aalto University, aims to ease this pain. The app provides information on the costs and benefits of the food we eat and aggregates individual choices to give a clear view of their combined effect. (Photo: Saara Salama)

“When I am on stage and acting, I am braver than I am anywhere else. In some ways, the stage is the safest place in the world,” says Elina Mustonen, one of Finland’s most prominent harpsichord players. Finnish Music Quarterly interviewed Mustonen about her musical career and transition from music to acting. (Photo: Ulla Nikula)

The Guardian has chosen Helsinki to Nurmes as its rail route of the month thanks to its gorgeous North Karelian landscapes. In particular, the last leg of the 300-mile train ride made an impression: “This is a journey into another world, one that all too soon reaches Nurmes,” the newspaper writes. (Photo: Asko Kuittinen / Visit Finland)

Critics have had their say and voted three Finnish musicians on DownBeat Magazine’s Baritone Saxophone Rising Stars list. Mikko Innanen, Timo Lassy and Linda Fredriksson (pictured) made the cut, alongside 16 other saxophonists. Check out Music Finland’s tweet for the full list. (Photo: Facebook / Linda Fredriksson)

Sulapac’s partnership with Finnish beauty brand Lumene bears fruit. The two brands have collaborated since 2017 to create bio-based packaging for water-based skin creams. They are now on the final stretch of bringing it to the market. Scandinavian Mind reports on the collaboration. (Photo: Lumene)

By: Eeva Haaramo