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Weekend Wrap

New metal bands, award-winning campfire coffee and Brad Pitt’s debut as a sculptor

Nick Cave, Thomas Houseago and Brad Pitt visited Tampere to open their new WE exhibition at the Sara Hildén Art Museum. Also pictured are museum director Anna Hjorth-Röntynen, chief curator Sarianne Saikkonen and Mayor of Tampere Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.Jussi Koivunen

Thomas Houseago brings Brad Pitt and Nick Cave’s artwork to Tampere, Klaus Härö talks about his English-language directorial debut, and Campfire Barista wins at Global Culinary Travel Awards. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

“The real joy was to see these actors finding trust in each other,” says director Klaus Härö of his latest film, My Sailor, My Love. Härö talked with Variety about making his English-language debut, shooting in Ireland and working with the film’s star James Cosmo. My Sailor, My Love is a drama about a retired sea captain finding love and how it affects his relationship with his daughter. (Photo: Making Movies Oy)
Here’s a health plan like no other. The Finnish city of Lahti has trialled a new “planetary health plan” to test whether making environmentally friendly lifestyle choices could be good for your health. Although the initial test set included only five residents, according to EuroNews the results were promising: a 17-per cent decrease in their carbon footprint, a 16-per cent increase in their overall wellbeing and a 36-per cent drop in their exhaustion scores. (Photo: Visit Lahti/ Niklas Rekola)
How to illustrate a city without ever visiting it? This task was given to three creatives, Jack Sachs in Berlin, Aysha Tengiz from London and Takashi Nakamura in Tokyo, as part of the new Helsinki Curious campaign. The three artists illustrated the Finnish capital using only their imagination and stories they were told about the city. See the end results on It’s Nice That. (Photo: Helsinki Partners)

HaliPuu’s Campfire Barista wins at the Global Culinary Travel Awards. The coffee sled in Finnish Lapland was awarded in the Best Focus on Wine & Beverages in Culinary Travel category. Another Finnish entrant, Heather’s Helsinki, was named first runner-up in the Best Celebration of Culinary Culture category. The annual competition is organised by World Food Travel Association. This year, the winners were chosen from 131 entries from 27 countries. (Photo: Facebook / Campfire Barista)

Finland is notorious for its high number of metal bands. Loudwire asked melodic death metal unit Wolfheart’s guitarist-vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen to list the five best new metal bands from the country. Check out his picks for the rising stars in the Finnish metal scene. (In the picture: Bloodred Hourglass. Photo: Facebook / Bloodred Hourglass )
Brad Pitt and Nick Cave have made their art show debuts in Tampere. The duo’s sculptures and ceramics, respectively, are exhibited for the first time as part of artist Thomas Houseago’s WE exhibition at the Sara Hildén Art Museum. The exhibition includes new sculptures and paintings from Houseago and is open until 15 January 2023. Read more on Bloomberg. (Photo: Jussi Koivunen)
Jani Volanen’s upcoming TV series, Summer of Sorrow, tells the story of one boy’s summer in a neighbourhood where a young child has gone missing. Drama Quarterly interviewed the director about turning an unmade film script into a 10-part series and making his most dramatic directorial work to date. (Photo: Elisa Viihde)
Huhtamäki and Stora Enso tackle paper cup waste with a new recycling initiative. The two packaging companies are deploying recycling bins across the Benelux region with a goal of recycling 500 million paper cups in the first two years. The companies are also looking for partners to work “towards a systemic European solution”, according to World Coffee Portal. (Photo: Stora Enso)
Love Exploring took a deep dive into Finnish sauna culture and found out the correct sauna etiquette, secrets of ‘löyly’ and that most Finns go to sauna at least once a week. The website also picked its five favourite saunas across the country. (Photo: Harri Tarvainen)
The University of Oulu and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) of Japan strike a partnership. The two organisations have agreed on “collaboration in the ICT field, particularly with respect to ‘beyond 5G’ and 6G technologies”, writes RCR Wireless. The agreement is part of the university’s 6G Flagship programme, which it claims is the world’s first 6G R&D programme. (Photo: Shutterstock)
By: Eeva Haaramo