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Weekend Wrap

Marimekko wallpaper, mental health apparel and glowing album review

The multifunctional Tikkurila church and housing complex is shortlisted for the Mies van der Rohe contemporary architecture award.

Marc Goodwin

YAHAHA launches a new social entertainment platform for user-created content, schoolchildren help to design a rainforest app and the architecture of a multifunctional complex in Tikkurila gains attention. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

Design duo Juslin Maunula is named Finland’s Young Designer of the Year 2022. The prize jury commended the duo, fashion designer Laura Juslin and architect Lilli Maunula, for “their ability to combine colours and materials into interesting ensembles”. They have worked on a wide range of projects from spatial planning to accessories with renowned Finnish brands, such as Kalevala, Finarte and Marimekko. Read more on Design Forum Finland. (Photo: Elina Simonen)

Always wanted to cover your walls with Marimekko prints? The company is making it easy with a new range of peel-and-stick wallpapers. The wallpapers feature four classic prints from the design house in various colours. “They are contemporary and timeless, iconic and fresh, as if they could exist in multiple decades simultaneously,” enthuses The Strategist. (Photo: Wallpops)

CupofTherapy introduces new apparel in the US. The Finnish brand wants to make mental health visible by combining easily approachable animal illustrations with thoughtful texts that deal with mental wellbeing. Its new clothing collection is set to become available in Target shops in April, writes Licence Global. (Photo: Facebook / CupofTherapy)

Pusu, a new sustainable downhill ski brand, is keeping busy. First, its skis were awarded an ISPO Award, which honours outstanding products and services in sports. Then, Pusu announced a collaboration with the Moomins brand to bring Tove Jansson’s original artwork into a limited edition of skis. (Photo: Facebook / Pusu)

“Rich in human voice, melody and vintage fuzz sounds.” This is how Finnish drummer and producer Jussi Vuola describes his psychedelic rock project Vuola in an interview with Vents Magazine. Vuola also shares his musical influences and best concert experiences. (Photo: Facebook / Jussi Vuola)

A new social entertainment platform, YAHAHA, has soft launched in Europe and the US. GamesPress describes the platform as a virtual world where “creators and players come together to enjoy virtual social experiences, all built from user-generated content”. Behind the concept is Espoo and Shanghai-based company YAHAHA Studios. Earlier this year, it announced it has raised 50 million US dollars to power its mission to democratise 3D content creation. (Photo: Yahaha)

Pianist Iiro Rantala’s new album Potsdam gets a glowing review in London Jazz News. “Rantala knows how to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with his extraordinary range of styles and moods, his incredible pianistic skills and, most of all, melodies that stay in your head,” the review reads. (Photo: Gregor Hohenberg)

Schoolchildren help to design an augmented reality (AR) game for Korkeasaari Zoo. The game, called Spirit of the Rainforest, brings rainforests closer to the zoo visitors. Its design process started in workshops where primary school pupils came up with ideas for the game’s plot, characters, functionalities and learning content. The project is part of the City of Helsinki’s experiments with shaking up traditional ways of doing things. (Photo: Korkeasaari Zoo)

Tikkurila’s new multifunctional complex gathers attention. The building, designed by OOPEAA architects, houses a 500-seater church as well as 244 student and low-cost flats. Domus credits the project for “promoting a process of urban regeneration and the making of a sense of community” in the Helsinki metropolitan area suburb. The complex is also shortlisted for the Mies van der Rohe contemporary architecture award. (Photo: Marc Goodwin)

Stora Enso develops a circular solution to replace single-use cutlery. Its cutlery is made of dishwasher-safe biocomposite which can be collected, moulded and reused into a new product. In a pilot experiment at the Seefeld World Ski Championships, Stora Enso created a system where 76 per cent of the cutlery was collected and reused. Read more about the experiment at Paper Advance. (Photo: Stora Enso)

Finnish studio game format City vs. Country goes Hungary. The country’s TV2 is adapting a local version of the popular TV quiz show where two teams compete to see which side dominates: city or country? Production of the Hungarian version will start in May 2022, according to Television Business International. (Photo: Rabbit Films)

By: Eeva Haaramo