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Weekend Wrap

Heavy-metal knitting, quantum computing and Helsinki tips

Heavy-metal-loving knitting enthusiasts have their own world championships, which are held in Joensuu, Finland, in July.

Lasse Simonen

This week, we highlight headline-making Finnish horror films, furniture inspired by fungal structures and a 35 million-euro investment in quantum computing. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

Finnish horror film hit Hatching has opened in the US. IndieWire caught up with its director, Hanna Bergholm, on creating the "darkly funny and altogether disturbing" film and getting an animatronics master on board. (Photo: Laura Malmivaara)

Good news for The 69 Eyes fans. The "goth 'n' roll" band has revealed a new music video for its latest single, Drive. The Rockpit's verdict: "Hop into the co-driver's seat and let Helsinki's longest-serving gothic rock vampires take you on a wild ride through a warm summer night in the city," the website writes. (Photo: Marek Saboqal)

Looking for great food, unisex saunas and fab cocktails in Helsinki? Former tour guide Heidi Johansson spills the beans on her favourite spots in the Finnish capital for The Guardian. (Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners)

Quantum computing company IQM secures 35 million from the European Investment Bank. The grant goes towards the development and commercialisation of quantum processors. The company is building Europe's first quantum-dedicated fabrication facilities in Espoo, writes Tech.eu. (Photo: IQM)

The European Commission gives recognition to the Nordic Carbon Neutral Bauhaus project. The joint project of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands is selected for the commission's New European Bauhaus initiative. It aims to promote low-carbon construction and the circular economy. Read more on Nord News. (Photo: Visit Finland)

LevelK has snatched The Knocking's international sales rights, Variety reveals. The Knocking is a horror film by writer Max Seeck and director Joonas Pajunen, and the duo's feature debut. The film, where three siblings return to their childhood home where their parents were allegedly murdered, is currently in post-production. (Photo: LevelK)

A new museum of visual arts has opened its doors in Lahti. Called Malva, it brings the content of two museums, the Lahti Art Museum and the Poster Museum, under one roof in an old brewery building in the city centre. Malva celebrates its opening with three exhibitions: Dutch designer Marten Baas’ Hide and Seek, the Lahti International Poster Triennial and In the Roots - Treasures From the Collections. Find out more on the museum website. (Photo: Malva)

Varjo launches its Reality Cloud platform. It promises better virtual and mixed-reality workflows as multiple users can collaborate in the same virtual environment without locally-installed software. According to Varjo, the platform "allows even the most complex metaverse to stream in real time to supported devices for both professional and consumer users," VentureBeat reports. (Photo: Varjo)

Only in Finland - Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships. Organised for the third time in July 2022, the tournament challenges skilful knitters to perform their craft like a lead in a heavy metal band. It's as much fun and craziness as its sounds. (Photo: Lasse Simonen)

Finnish wood furniture manufacturer Made by Choice has teamed up with American designer Michael Yarinsky. The result is a furniture collection inspired by fungal structures and fittingly titled Sieni (‘mushroom’). “The curved 90-degree angles, use of circles and lack of hard edges make for a harmonious collection,” says Design Milk. (Photo: Facebook / Made by Choice)

By: Eeva Haaramo