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Weekend Wrap

A Helsinki fashion map, zero-waste restaurant and coffee-ground hoodie

The staff of Nolla had reason to celebrate after the zero-waste restaurant was named Finland’s Restaurant of the Year 2022.

Nikola Tomevski

Sustainability is the overarching theme in this week’s news about cosmetics packaging, the Finnish restaurant of the year and a hoodie made out of used coffee grounds. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

San Francisco Symphony celebrates its 111th year with “Salonen season”. Esa-Pekka Salonen, the orchestra’s musical director, brings a mix of world and American premieres, commissions, rarely performed and large compositions and audience favourites to the city. “It’s a humongous season plan – 85 programs, 160 performances in Davies Hall,” writes San Francisco Classical Voice. (Photo: Facebook / Esa-Pekka Salonen)

What are there more than ants on Earth? We bet you didn’t guess acoustic combinations in a room built for a new acoustic measurement technique. The method developed by researchers of Aalto University makes it easier and faster to design a room so that the right sounds reach the rights spots. This will be useful when creating spaces where speech or music has to be clearly audible, such as cinemas, concert halls and lecture rooms. (Photo: Aalto University / Tuomas Uusheimo)

43 cups of coffee grounds, 12.5 post-consumption plastic bottles and 40 per cent bamboo viscose. Those are the numbers behind a new hoodie developed by Finnish fashion brand Rens. The company is known for its trainers made out of used coffee grounds and recycled plastic, and the hoodie marks its first step in branching out to apparel. Yahoo interviewed the brand’s founders, Jesse Tran and Son Chu, about the company’s approach to sustainability. (Photo: Rens)

Lumene and Sulapac join forces to introduce recyclable and sustainably produced cosmetics packaging. The jars, made by Sulapac from wood chips from industrial side streams, will be first used for two of Lumene’s moisturisers. According to the companies, the inner lining of the jars consists of the world’s first barrier technology for cosmetics made of industrially compostable material. (Photo: Sulapac)

Terhi Kokkonen’s award-winning psychological novel Arctic Mirage becomes a film. SF Studios has purchased the novel’s film rights and hired director Pihla Viitala to helm the project. “Arctic Mirage is a strong-spirited, psychological novel about people in exceptional circumstances. It keeps the reader gripped and provides chills on every page,” describes Yaba Holst, head of Nordic acquisitions at SF Studios. (Photo: SF Studios)

Go treasure hunt in Helsinki with tips from fashion designer Ervin Latimer. Latimer has revealed his favourite fashion brands and designers in the Finnish capital to Helsinki Design Weekly. (Photo: Facebook / Maria Korkeila)

Finland has over 50 metal music bands per 100 000 residents, so there is plenty to choose from. Metal Injection has made its picks and chosen 10 underappreciated Finnish bands to highlight. “Whether you like brutal, fire-breathing outfits like Azaghal or power metal titans like Stratovarius, Finland has something to suit every palette,” the website writes. (Photo: Facebook / Ajattara)

Make your pizza vegan-friendly with plant-based mozzarella. Finnish dairy company Valio has introduced its Oddlygood vegan cheese, which was developed with pizza makers in mind, to the US market. (Photo: Valio)

Zero-waste restaurant Nolla has been named Finland’s Restaurant of the Year 2022. The jury praised the restaurant, located in Helsinki, for showing that “it is possible to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development without compromising on the delicacy of the food offered, the quality of the service and other important elements of the restaurant business”. Behind the annual award is the Finnish Gastronomic Society. TakeToNews has the story. (Photo: Nikola Tomevski)

Arctic Blue Beverages launches its first oat-based ready-to-drink beverage. The drink, Hang Out Vanilla, is based on the company’s award-winning gin and will be available across Europe later this year. (Photo: Arctic Blue Beverages).

By: Eeva Haaramo