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Weekend Wrap

Winter wellness, equal endeavours and all-around tunes

QuietOn cuts out the excess.QuietOn

Wellbeing comes in all shapes and sizes, equality paves the way and musicians are in fine tune. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

Enni Rukajärvi has sent Finnish female snowboarding to new heights. (Photo: Facebook/Enni Rukajärvi/Jani Kärppä) Read This is Finland’s story

Lunette is by women for women. (Photo: Facebook/Lunette Kuukuppi)

QuietOn’s customers can rest assured. (Photo: QuietOn) Read CNET’s story

Accordion trance, anyone? (Photo: Hanna Koikkalainen) Read FMQ’s article

Minna Dufton’s new documentary takes audiences to the deep end of surfing. (Photo: Facebook/BIG vs SMALL/Elina Manninen) Read In Their Own League’s review

A new order blows wind into Baltic Yachts’ sails. (Photo: Facebook/Baltic Yachts) Read Super Yacht News’ story

For Spinnova, cellulose is a winning ticket. (Photo: Facebook/Spinnova/Ihne Pedersen) Read Sourcing Journal’s story

Samuli Kemppi treats listeners to an earful of 90s house. (Photo: Facebook/Samuli Kemppi) Check out Resident Advisor’s story

Bordertown’s fanbase is borderless. (Photo: Fisher King) Read Lifestyle Asia’s story

Nitro Games offers its toolbox to a US client. (Photo: Facebook/Nitro Games) Read our story

By: Samuli Ojala