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Weekend Wrap

Sustainable material in fashion and music, films out to make it and history in sports

Games People Play is something you must see up close.Vilja Harala/Tuffi Films

Fashion and music aim for continuity while the film scene holds centre stage and Awak Kuier takes her shot. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

Infinited Fiber draws out plans for its flagship factory. (Photo: Facebook/Infinited Fiber Company) Read Textile World’s story

Awak Kuier aims high. (Photo: Facebook/WNBA) Read Sports Illustrated’s story

Finnish musicians sit right in at Roadburn Redux. (Photo: Facebook/Polymoon) Read Music Finland’s story

Fiskars steps up its gardening game. (Photo: Chris Vidal Tenomaa) Read HYPEBEAST’s story

Jesse Markin’s new album is in the works. (Photo: Tero Ahonen) Read American Songwriter’s story

Hilarious drama ensues as old friends meet in Games People Play. (Photo: Vilja Harala/Tuffi Films) Read Cleveland’s story

AIDA impact is more than an accessory. (Photo: Facebook/AIDA impact) Read our story

Darkfire Heroes is here to save mobile gaming. (Photo: Facebook/Darkfire Heroes) Read Gamerant’s story

Santtu Mustonen’s glass sculptures are lit. (Photo: Timo Junttila) Read Wallpaper’s story

Tove will make you put your thinking hat on. (Photo: Sami Kuokkanen/Helsinki-filmi) Read CBR’s story

Published on 23.04.2021