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Weekend Wrap

Liquorice thrills, anniversary in fashion and cinema success

Please take your seats, the weekend is about to begin.Sami Kuokkanen/Helsinki-filmi

Liquorice serves skeptics right, Marimekko ages gracefully, and the film industry folk take a moment to reflect on their work. Take a look at recent creativity from Finland. Click on any photo to activate a slideshow.

Peter Franzén reflects on the last march of King Harald. (Photo: Facebook/Vikings) Read Fansided’s interview

Suad has drifted just right to become the best kept Finnish secret. (Photo: Alt Agency & Management) Read Music Finland’s story

“We forgot about the pressure and got lost in Tove’s world,” says actress Alma Pöysti. (Photo: Tommi Hynynen/Helsinki-filmi) Check out Deadline’s interview

Adea’s Kabinett is a humble and sleek transformer unit. (Photo: Facebook/Adea) Read Dezeen’s story

The scoby community in Finland has mushroomed into viable business. (Photo: Facebook/The Good Guys Kombucha) Read our story

arimekko shows us where the magic happens to celebrate its 70th birthday. (Photo: Marimekko) Check out Marimekko’s video

Elifantree’s open-minded creative process sets high hopes for the genre-bending band’s new album, Hachi. (Photo: Facebook/Elifantree) Read FMQ’s story

Esa-Pekka Salonen is a knight to remember. (Photo: Katja Tähjä) Read The Violin Channel’s story

Kouvolan Lakritsi is configuring liquorice to global audiences. (Photo: Facebook/Kouvolan Lakritsi) Read LUX’s story

Antti Toivonen’s side gig blossoms in Singapore. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) Read The Drum’s story

Published on 15.01.2021