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Weekend Wrap

Gaming knowhow, ethical design and jewellery with substance

Annele’s jewelry finds inspiration in the cold north.


Finnish gaming studios are the talk of the town, design has a legacy and a green future awaits as jewellery blooms. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

Futureplay’s future is with Plarium. (Photo: Futureplay)

Iittala’s 140-year legacy is a staple of Finnish design. (Photo: Facebook/Iittala) Read This is Finland’s article

Loupedeck tunes into more funding. (Photo: Facebook/Loupedeck) Read Arctic Startup’s article

Flow Cosmetics’ ethos is simple: If something can’t be done without synthetic ingredients, it won’t be done at all. (Photo: Facebook/Flow Cosmetics) Read our article

Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium stays to true to its functionalism. (Photo: Stadion Säätiö/Wellu Hämäläinen) Read This is Finland’s article

Reima is a toddler’s best friend. (Photo: Facebook/Reima) Read Forbes’ article

Sulapac looks beyond business cycles. (Photo: Facebook/Sulapac) Read Packaging Insights’ article

Koukoi Games gets a new home with SciPlay. (Photo: Facebook/Koukoi Games) Read gamesindustry.biz’s article

Vaarnii’s debut collection is stacked with furniture and home decor. (Photo: Vaarnii) Read Design Milk’s article

Iina Annele Rantala’s jewellery finds the right touch. (Photo: Facebook/Annele) Read Vogue’s article

Published on 13.08.2021