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Weekend Wrap

Funding for the creatives, oddly good tunes and Finnish eccentricity in film

Oura knows the ropes of the healthtech industry.Facebook/Oura

Oura and Yousician are in full stride while musicians find their rhythm and Finnish film gets comfy. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

Oura is doing well, and then some. (Photo: Oura) Read TechCrunch’s story


Finnair delivers travel munchies to your doorstep. (Photo: Finnair)

Kepa Lehtinen introduces a peculiar instrument on his new mini album. (Photo: Facebook/Kepa Lehtinen) Read Muzique Magazine’s story

Returnal gets all the praise from NME. (Photo: Housemarque) Read NME’s review

Dalia Stasevska came out on top during a difficult year. (Photo: Jarmo Katila) Read Classical Music’s interview

Plantui unleashes one’s inner urban gardener. (Photo: Facebook/Plantui) Read our story

Liisa Karpo discusses Finnish weirdness in film. (Photo: Facebook/napafilms) Read Business Doc Europe’s interview

Momolu makes new friends. (Photo: Facebook/Momolu) Read C21Media’s story

Yousician strikes the right chord. (Photo: Facebook/Yousician) Read TechCrunch’s story

Eilien is set to take centre stage with the release of a new album. (Photo: Facebook/Eilien) Read DJMag’s story

By: Samuli Ojala