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Weekend Wrap

Design in tech, harmony in music and curious nutriments

Finnish music producer Psylla is out with new music.


A little design thinking is just what the engineer ordered, musicians find their rhythm and unlikely ingredients get their big break. Click on any photo and take a look at recent creativity from Finland.

The Finnish game industry is riding high. (Photo: Remedy) Read gamesindustry.biz’s article

A third of the artwork at Helsinki Biennial is outdoors. (Photo: Alicja Kwade: Big Be-Hide 2019 ©Maija Toivanen/HAM/Helsinki Biennial 2021) Read Financial Times’ article

Tech design is bordering on sci-fi with startup Pixieray. (Photo: Pixieray) Read VentureBeat’s article

Against some odds, Ant Brew’s new stout won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. (Photo: Green Lahti) Read Food and Wine’s article

Siamäk Naghian, CEO of Genelec, has taken the long road to be where he is now. (Photo: Facebook/Genelec) Read our interview

Psylla’s collab with McCall delivers soothing vocals veiled in electronic melodies. (Photo: Facebook/Psylla) Have a listen at thissongissick’s website

An eight-person Finnish-Beninese band is out with a funky summer album. (Photo: Facebook/Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble) Read Music Finland’s article

Seidi Haarla is shooting for the stars, quite literally. (Photo: SES) Read Fade to Her’s interview

For Four Sigmatic, ‘shrooms are the unsung hero of nutrition. (Photo: Facebook/Four Sigmatic) Read Forbes’ article

The fellas at Making Movies have stayed true to their company name since 1996. (Photo: Tuomo Manninen) Read Nordisk Film’s article

By: Samuli Ojala