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Weekend Wrap

Timelessness meets creativity on the margins

Yrjö Kukkapuro’s chairs will never be out of fashion.

Ofer Amir

Young creatives step up this week to bring forth an abundance of arts through audio, fashion and design. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

ALMA’s new album is also a story of keeping one’s head in a sudden rise to international stardom. (Photo: PME) Read Billboard’s interview

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants takes a humane approach to the often misunderstood world of BDSM. (Photo: Helsinki-filmi 2019) Read The Upcoming’s story

The Finnish psychedelic black metal scene is bustling with dark energy, in case you were wondering. (Photo: Facebook/Oranssi pazuzu) Read Brooklyn Vegan’s article

Kari Kola gives mountains a majestic do-over with his light art. (Photo: Kari Kola) Read Lovin’s article

Yrjö Kukkapuro's transgenerational work keeps on tapping the right lines in design. (Photo: Studio Kukkapuro)

Ville Herrala’s progressive solo album teeters on the brink of reinventing jazz, according to Monolith Cocktail. (Photo: Sami Heiskanen) Read the review

Oura’s new funding gives the company 28 million reasons to smile. (Photo: Oura) Read TechCrunch’s story

The founders of Rens, a sustainable sneaker company, are among a quintet of young people with a Finnish connection making a name for themselves. (Photo: Rens)
Finnish architecture has its roots deep in the icy soil of the Nordics. (Photo: Mika Ruusunen)

The Young Designer of the Year, Matias Liimatainen, applies self-made techniques to various forms of design. (Photo: Paavo Lehtonen) Read Aalto University’s announcement

Lotta Petronella treads on the question of what makes a normal woman in her film Själö - Island of Souls. (Photo: Made Productions)
By: Samuli Ojala