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Weekend Wrap

Skilled illustration, automated gardening and sustainable e-commerce

Ho, ho, ho! Santa Claus comes to town in the movie Rare Exports.

FS Film

Visual arts put on a show, functional design gimmicks offer help as films put on a dim grin. Take a look at recent creativity from a Finnish perspective.

Esa-Pekka Salonen swaps notes with Stephen Fry. (Photo: Minna Hätinen) Read The Guardian’s review

Watching Mikko Heino’s work is like watching paint rhyme. (Photo: Mikko Heino) Read Creative Boom’s story

RePack’s reusable bags are woven with a strong moral fibre. (Photo: RePack)

Varjo offers human-eye resolution presence regardless of location. (Photo: Varjo)

Gracious Night is a simple yet intimate drama of lockdown times. (Photo: Marianna Films) Read Cineuropa’s review

Farmbot weeds out routine gardening tasks. (Photo: Facebook/Farmbot)

Rare Exports is a disturbingly playful take on Christmas. (Photo: FS Film) Read Horror Geek Life’s article

Marimekko gives organic dyes a try. (Photo: Marimekko) Read Fibre2Fashion’s article

Equal bike steers clear of the cheap and the steep. (Photo: Equal bike) Read New Atlas’ article

Teemu Määttänen is inspired by the raw and primordial nature of light. (Photo: Ruu Toropainen) Read The Finnish Institute’s article

By: Samuli Ojala