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Weekend Wrap

Pumped-up kicks, top cinematics and sweet melodies

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium is new-born at the tender age of 82.

Stadion-säätiö/Wellu Hämäläinen

Cinematic antics are discussed and awarded, a dynamic food industry duo is born and fashion kicks in fall collections. Take a look at recent creativity from a Finnish perspective.

Retail just got a little easier. And prettier. (Photo: Posti) Read Sportwear International’s story

Finnish producers tune the soundscape of hit game Fall Guys to their liking. (Photo: Facebook/Fall Guys) Read Bandwagon’s interview

Kyrö Distillery and Sugardaddies begin their honeymoon. (Photo: Kyrö Distillery Company) Read our story

Amphion’s speakers will put a smile on your ears. (Photo: Mad Love Photography)

Karhu steps into autumn with some down-to-earth colours. (Photo: Facebook/Karhu) Read HYPEBEAST’s story

Ulla Heikkilä wants to show the “multitudes of truth” in her work. (Photo: Annika Miettinen) Read Cineuropa’s interview

Food from the machine. (Photo: Solar Foods) Read our story

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium gets a do-over. (Photo: Stadion-säätiö/Wellu Hämäläinen) Read My Helsinki’s article

Anton Tammi shines through at the MTV Video Music Awards with Blinding Lights. (Photo: Anton Tammi) Read Pitchfork’s story

Peter Franzen puts on his acting face for a new production. (Photo: Alex Hoegh Andersen) Read CBR’s story

Virpi Räisänen gathers praise for her vocals on Saivo. (Photo: Sublime Music Agency Finland) Read FMQ’s story

By: Samuli Ojala