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Weekend Wrap

Knitting a better world, flicks on the road and feline forms

Heads up! The weekend is here. It’s time to vogue!

Sami Kuokkanen/ Helsinki-Filmi

Films reel in global audiences, wood construction cuts emissions and arts take an immersive plunge. Take a look at recent creativity from a Finnish perspective.

Finnish films get comfy worldwide. (Photo: Juha Taskinen) Read the Finnish Film Foundation’s story

Immersive arts are the new play in town. (Photo: Varjo) Read our story

Bordertown is the best Scandi noir, capisce? (Photo: Fisher King Productions) Read The Spectator’s story

Finnish food expertise helps out in Africa. (Photo: HealthyFoodAfrica) Read our article

The Myssyfarmi grandmas are a perfect knit for Spinnova’s textiles. (Photo: Spinnova) Read Spinnova’s article

Mathias Sandberg plays his chords right in his debut album. (Photo: Sandberg Music) Read CITY News’ review

Mozart meets COVID-19 at the Finnish National Opera. (Photo: Finnish National Opera) Read LA Times’ article

Moomins catch a new season from YLE and Sky. (Photo: Moomin Characters) Read Animation Magazine’s article

Sustainable construction just might grow on trees. (Photo: MASU PLANNING) Read the Independent’s article

Cats are Eero Aarnio’s best friends. (Photo: Facebook/Aarnio Originals) Read Dezeen’s story

By: Samuli Ojala