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Weekend Wrap

Lakeside living, folk and disco combo and emerging female directors

The sun rises for DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival this week.


Lakeside living at its finest, an unlikely combo of folk and disco, and emerging female directors make up the week in arts. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Orphaned at an early age but going the whole distance from actor to writer to director, Pamela Tola is one lady of steel. (Photo: Anni Suikkanen/Bronson Club) Read Variety’s interview

Nosht has a gut feeling that the nutrition industry could use more taste and sustainability. (Photo: Nosht) Read our feature

Studio Puisto knows how to live right by Lake Saimaa. (Photo: Marc Goodwin/Studio Puisto) Read Designboom’s story

100 per cent wood-based materials, 99 per cent less water and zero per cent chemicals – Spinnova is truly out to change what we wear. (Photo: Spinnova) Read TTJ’s story

An MRI image of a brain on two kinds of fear: above, an impending feeling of dread and, below, an acute fight-or-flight jump scare. (Photo: University of Turku) Read CTV News’ story

A story about Russian stray dog Laika that was sent to space is just one of many inspiring flicks on show at Helsinki's DocPoint. (Photo: Raumzeitfilm)
Jenni Toivoniemi uses an anthropological perspective in her debut feature, Games People Play, set to premiere at Göteborg Film Festival. (Photo: Vilja Harala/Tuffifilms)

Whisky nerd and unlikely entrepreneur Miika Lipiäinen shares it all. (Photo: Kimmo Syväri/Kyrö Distillery Company) Read the Spirit Business’ interview


Merry death metal band Insomnium has four songwriters, one PhD and, with the release of Heart Like A Grave, eight albums. (Photo: Insomnium) Read Hammer’s story

Joik singing, an accordion, folk and disco – VILDÁ is something you didn’t anticipate. (Photo: Facebook/VILDÁ) Read the Finnish Institute’s story

By: Samuli Ojala