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Weekend Wrap

Food identity, world’s tallest wood building, movies and more

The sun rises for the first time this week since November in Northern Finland, marking the end of the Polar night.

Tiina Törmänen

A Finnish food identity in the making and the world’s tallest wood building are the talk of the week. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Hamy Ramezan’s debut film, Oasis of Now, will shine a light on immigrant experiences in Finland. (Photo: Sami Kuokkanen/Aamu Film Company) Read Screen Daily’s article

The Box is Posti’s idea of the ideal self-service shop. (Photo: Fyra) Read Dezeen’s article

Turku is the national gateway for all things culture. (Photo: Turku Food & Wine Festival) Read Wine Mag’s article

Hurtta harnesses are the top dog of animal active wear. (Photo: Hurtta) Read Business Insider’s article

Amphion keeps an ear to the streets in Australia. (Photo: Kaisu Jouppi/Amphion) Read our Daily Brief

The corner shop just became digital. (Photo: Alepa) Read The Drum’s article

Indie game Sky Beneath will puzzle your mind. (Photo: Mindhaven) Read Adventure Gamers’ article

Finnish music acts will step in front of the curtain in Groeningen this week. (Photo: Tero Ahonen) Read Music Finland’s article

Joensuu boasts the world’s tallest residential tree house. (Photo: Arcadia) ReadNational Geographic’s story

It’s put-up or shut-up time for New Year’s resolutions. (Photo: TE3)

An original gastronomic identity is slowly cooking in Helsinki’s restaurants. (Photo: Jussi Hellsten)

Raisio’s plant-based products are oat-bound. (Photo: Roni Lehti/Raisio) Read Food Ingredients First’s article

By: Samuli Ojala