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Weekend Wrap

Finnish wellbeing comes in all shapes and sizes

People around the world gathered to beat the drum of women and girls in science this week.Jussi Hellsten

Finnish wellbeing is coming your way in all shapes and sizes this week! Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Helsinki’s cafes are almost as good as a cuppa with momma. (Photo: Way Bakery and Wine Bar

Nordic music biz moguls have listed their heirs-to-be. (Photo: Aleksi Poutanen) Read Music Finland’s story

You thought you knew craftsmanship? Think again. (Photo: S.U.F.) Read HYPEBEAST’s article

Winter cycling is the new black. (Photo: Anne Hukkanen) Read The Guardian’s article

Libraries are not just about books, say five million Finns. (Photo: Jonna Pennanen) Read YLE’s article

Ulla Heikkilä’s feature debut, Eden, is off to a divine start. (Photo: Sami Kuokkanen)

The small town of Kurikka is keeping the elderly on the move and in high spirits. (Photo: Maija Astikainen) Check out BBC’s video

Next Games feels right at home in Finland’s gaming ecosystem. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) Read Computer Weekly’s story

For Revonte’s e-bikes, all the cool things are in the software. (Photo: Revonte) Read our feature

Finnish jazz great Iiro Rantala’s midlife crisis means giving back to the community. (Photo: Gregor Hohenberg) Read FMQ’s story

Tuffi Films takes on gender stereotypes in an up-your-nose kind of honest way. (Photo: Tuffi Films) Read First Showing’s article

Petri Kalliola is no hero in his own country, but 50 million South Koreans consider him a superstar. (Photo: Petri Kalliola) Read our interview

By: Samuli Ojala