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Weekend Wrap

Finnish wellbeing comes in all shapes and sizes

People around the world gathered to beat the drum of women and girls in science this week.Credits: : Jussi Hellsten

Finnish wellbeing is coming your way in all shapes and sizes this week! Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Helsinki’s cafes are almost as good as a cuppa with momma. (Photo: Way Bakery and Wine Bar Read Nordic Style Mag’s story

Nordic music biz moguls have listed their heirs-to-be. (Photo: Aleksi Poutanen) Read Music Finland’s story

You thought you knew craftsmanship? Think again. (Photo: S.U.F.) Read HYPEBEAST’s article

Winter cycling is the new black. (Photo: Anne Hukkanen) Read The Guardian’s article

Libraries are not just about books, say five million Finns. (Photo: Jonna Pennanen) Read YLE’s article

Ulla Heikkilä’s feature debut, Eden, is off to a divine start. (Photo: Sami Kuokkanen) Read Tech Ballad’s story

The small town of Kurikka is keeping the elderly on the move and in high spirits. (Photo: Maija Astikainen) Check out BBC’s video

Next Games feels right at home in Finland’s gaming ecosystem. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) Read Computer Weekly’s story

For Revonte’s e-bikes, all the cool things are in the software. (Photo: Revonte) Read our feature

Finnish jazz great Iiro Rantala’s midlife crisis means giving back to the community. (Photo: Gregor Hohenberg) Read FMQ’s story

Tuffi Films takes on gender stereotypes in an up-your-nose kind of honest way. (Photo: Tuffi Films) Read First Showing’s article

Petri Kalliola is no hero in his own country, but 50 million South Koreans consider him a superstar. (Photo: Petri Kalliola) Read our interview

By: Samuli Ojala