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Weekend Wrap

Decade kicks off with design and fashion, and all things arts

Light art festival Lux Helsinki is the upbeat halfway mark in the long and dark tunnel that is the Finnish winter.

Jussi Hellsten

Finnish design and fashion are off to a head start for the new decade. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Finnish musicians sure know how to conduct themselves – and others. (Photo: Maarit Kytöharju) Read This is Finland’s article

Astronaut food made from thin air could help save the planet, says Solar Foods. (Photo: Solar Foods) Read BBC’s story

Workplace design is not just a pretty idea but a productivity booster. (Photo: Framery)

Aalto University celebrates a decade of premium education, research and innovation. (Photo: Mika Huisman/Aalto University) Read the announcement

Maria Korkeila strips gardening attire of gender for gardening is all that really matters. (Photo: Chris Vidal Tenomaa/Fiskars) Read Vogue’s story

Foreign museums have developed an interest in the golden age of Finnish art. (Photo: Finnish National Gallery) Read YLE’s article

Alvar and Aino Aalto’s Paimio Sanatorium is a masterclass in functional design. (Photo: Maija Holma/Alvar Aalto Museum) Read Quartz’s article

Finland is an increasingly attractive travel destination for foreigners and Finns alike. (Photo: Asko Kuittinen/Visit Finland)

Helsinki invites visitors to embrace the four seasons with a host of events and other culture activities all year round. (Photo: Petri Anttila) Read My Helsinki’s story

Jenni Toivonen’s debut feature film captures international attention. (Photo: Tuffi Films)

Aleksi Perälä instils the mystic Colundi Sequence into his new album. (Photo: LittleBig Music Agency) Read Pitchfork’s review

By: Samuli Ojala