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Weekend Wrap

Impact-driven gaming, inclusive fashion and design to last you a lifetime

Halla Halla is a sustainable fit.

Halla Halla/Facebook

Gaming’s societal role is being redefined as fashion opens up to everyone and the yacht industry finds a new way home. Take a look at recent creativity from a Finnish perspective.

Emmi Parviainen has her eyes set on a new project. (Photo: Zodiak Finland) Read Variety’s article

Baltic Yachts sets the industry on a new course. (Photo: Baltic Yachts) Check out the trailer

Evelyn Mora wants everyone to have a seat in the first row of fashion shows. (Photo: Helsinki Fashion Week/Tess van Zaelinge) Check out the trailer

Marimekko’s designs are above seasonal trends. (Photo: Marimekko) Read Broadsheet’s story

Halla Halla shakes off plastic guilt. (Photo: Facebook/Halla x Halla) Check out our story

Frigg enters its third decade in style. (Photo: Tero Ahonen) Read World Music Central’s interview

Wondershop makes an impact. (Photo: Wondershop)

October is prime time for the horror game genre. (Photo: Unfold Games)

Iittala is casual elegance. (Photo: Iittala) Read The Irish Examiner’s article

Wolt orders in more funding. (Photo: Wolt) Read Sifted’s article

By: Samuli Ojala