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Finland on top of critical communications

Finnish critical communications community continues to innovate and set an example.


This week, Peter Clemons explains why Finland is leading the way towards a better, smarter and safer world.

The global critical communications community is on a long journey from the ultra-reliable, low-latency voice and short data solutions of 2010 towards the fully developed 5G URLLC solutions of 2030. The challenge our relatively niche community faces is to make sure our full needs and requirements are included in the 5G roadmap.

The Quixoticity Index – focusing on mission-critical improvements to 5G that help societies and economies to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – is a response to this need, intended to inform and guide our community on our journey to a better, smarter, safer world by 2030.

Finland once again emerges from the Quixoticity Index research as a prime example of best practice in critical communications.

The country’s culture of close co-operation, its understanding of the importance of public safety and public service, and the sensible, pragmatic, multi-stage approach to migration to next-generation services while preserving the best of current systems is now allowing the Critical Communications Finland community to extend its close ties with other countries.

A great example of this desire to share knowledge and experiences with other nations has been the regular appearance of Critical Communications Finland on a unified Finnish Pavilion at recent Critical Communications Series events.

“Finland once again emerges […] as a prime example of best practice in critical communications.”

Other countries studied in the index have also been adopting best practice in critical communications over the past 12 months, leading to a certain convergence of models around the world. It will be interesting to see how the market progresses during 2019 as next-generation solutions become more widely available.

I feel confident in the ability of the Finnish critical communications community to continue to innovate and march forward towards the new frontier.

Originally published in January 2019

Peter Clemons
Founder of Quixoticity