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Five from Finland

Feedback tools

Finns formulate fresh feedback tools with frequency.

Julia Helminen

Finnish companies have been at the forefront of developing feedback tools that leverage modern technology to enhance customer satisfaction and various aspects of business operations.

Finnish people are known for being straight-shooting. There is no need to present your opinions daintily on a bed of cotton wool here. Hence, it’s no surprise that they have pioneered a number of effective feedback solutions. Below are five of them.


The simplicity and effectiveness of HappyOrNot’s feedback system have led to widespread adoption, with terminals installed in more than 135 countries.

HappyOrNot / Facebook

Giving feedback needs to be simple and immediate, according to this Tampere-headquartered company. Founded in 2009, HappyOrNot has revolutionised the way businesses collect and analyse customer feedback with its user-friendly smiley terminals and comprehensive data analytics platform.

“Consumers press one of the four buttons on the HappyOrNot terminals,” founder Heikki Väänänen told us a few years ago. “We collect all the data and provide a reporting service for our clients. We get so much feedback from consumers that we can create statistics that companies have never received before.”

In addition to physical devices that are strategically placed in various customer touchpoints such as retail stores, airports and healthcare facilities, the company has developed a range of digital feedback-collecting solutions that work on smartphones and webpages using the same self-explanatory smiley reactions.


Focused on customers’ emotions and their impact on business results, Feedbackly's solutions are used by a wide range of industries.

Feedbackly / Facebook

Founded in 2012, Feedbackly is a pioneering company in the field of customer experience management. It has developed an all-in-one platform for collecting, analysing and acting on customer feedback across various touchpoints.

One of Feedbackly's key innovations is to integrate emotional feedback into the analysis process. This approach allows companies to understand not only what customers think but also how they feel, providing a more nuanced view of the customer journey.

“Feedbackly began with a mission to help businesses truly understand their customers and improve their experiences through valuable customer feedback,” founder and CEO Jaakko Männistö wrote in a blog post. “[…] In today’s fast-paced world and ever-changing technological development, the only way to grow long term is to be customer-centric.”


Zeffi is an online platform for building intelligent surveys for all needs.


Established with the vision of making surveys more engaging and effective, Zeffi provides businesses with innovative tools to create visually appealing, interactive surveys that boost response rates and improve data quality. The Zeffi online platform allows users to build surveys, share them instantly and analyse the responses with patented AI methods.

“To achieve peace of mind, you need to understand how your customers and employees truly think,” said CEO Jaakko Alasaarela. “And how to do it? By asking exactly the right questions and finding the true root causes behind the answers and index numbers.”

In its surveys, the company uses the so called ZEF method, which was researched by the University of Lapland. The method helps to keep the effects of response bias to a minimum so that survey results are as reliable and accurate as possible. Other key features include two-dimensional questions, which offer numerous benefits, and the patented Intelligent Zoom method, which helps to find essential areas for improvement.


Trustmary helps businesses from over 100 countries to collect, manage and showcase customer reviews with ease.


Jyväskylä-based Trustmary specialises in enhancing customer trust and engagement through the power of reviews and testimonials. The company provides a comprehensive platform that helps businesses to collect, manage and display customer testimonials and feedback to build credibility and drive conversions.

The platform seamlessly integrates with websites, e-mail marketing systems, as well as social media channels, ensuring that testimonials are prominently displayed where they can make the most impact. Businesses across industries, including e-commerce, real estate, healthcare, education and finance, have taken note of Trustmary.

“Today, we are in an interesting place,” noted CEO Johannes Karjula. “Trustmary gets hundreds of interested users from every corner of the world every month […]. Trustmary has the potential to become a leading solution for traditional businesses that want to establish trust on their website.”


Surveypal’s solutions are targeted at businesses that want to proactively act on customer feedback to continuously deliver great customer experience.


Surveypal was founded in 2007 on the principle of going beyond traditional feedback solutions. Today, Surveypal provides tools to collect, analyse and act upon customer feedback with a focus on contextual intelligence.

“Organisations measure customer experience but are rarely able to use CX data to lead efficiently. We are changing that forever,” stated CEO Kalle Reunanen.

With offices in Tampere and Helsinki, Surveypal supports hundreds of companies worldwide, offering cloud-based solutions that comply with global data security standards. Earlier this year, the company obtained an ISO 27001 certification, which is considered the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems.

“Trust is critical for cloud companies, particularly those that provide customer intelligence solutions,” Reunanen commented. “Surveypal’s ISO 27001 certification fosters trust and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safeguarding customer data.”

By: Zhanna Koiviola