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Five from Finland


These Finnish companies are on the move with their approaches to exercising.

Julia Helminen

Finnish expertise in exercise harnesses technology and some good old-fashioned analogue training to get people up and moving in a variety of ways.

Finland is known for encouraging people to improve their health and general wellbeing by exercising in a way that suits them best. Whether it’s working out at home, work or outdoors, Finnish companies, online services and mobile applications have got it covered.

Stay in shape with the help of this Finnish quintet.


According to a study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, adopting Cuckoo at the workplace increases employees’ productivity and decreases the number of sick leaves.

Cuckoo / Facebook

This gamified wellbeing application is designed to encourage office workers and all those who tend to sit for too long during the day to stay active and mindful through fun exercise videos in four categories: boost, joy, relax and focus. Moreover, Cuckoo helps to improve motivation and the sense of belonging among employees, which is particularly important in the modern era of hybrid work arrangements.

Since its founding in 2014, Cuckoo has helped thousands of people in about 20 countries to get fitter, more energised and productive. For over 200 big and small companies worldwide, including Ponsse, Kemira and Valmet Automative, Cuckoo has also become a way to improve the corporate culture and employer image.

“It's not just about taking a break but about the comprehensive wellbeing of employees in the new hybrid work world,” explained CEO Amel Gaily. “Cuckoo offers significant financial benefits, taking into account the prevailing megatrends.”


Lappset has been providing sports, play and outdoor furniture products for more than half a century.

Lappset Group / Facebook

Founded in Rovaniemi in 1970, Lappset is one of the leading manufacturers of playground and outdoor exercise equipment worldwide, with subsidiaries in China, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the US. The company aims to provide play and sport experiences for people of all ages and promote physical activity as an integral part of people’s overall wellbeing.

“Lappset Group's vision is to strengthen the heartbeat of more than a billion people by 2030 through our playground and exercise solutions,” noted board chairperson Johanna Ikäheimo.

When it comes to outdoor sports facilities, such as outdoor gyms, crossfit parks, parkour training areas and street workout racks, Lappset pays special attention to safety and durable, environmentally friendly materials, as well as modern and inclusive design that meets the needs of senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Another core value is sustainability. Over the last few years, Lappset has taken action to increase recycling, reduce energy consumption and facilitate the transition to green energy at its production facilities in different countries, among other important steps.


Accessible on any device, Yogaia offers exercises that benefit both the body and mind.

Yogaia / Facebook

With this Finnish online service that has enjoyed global success since its international launch in 2014, users can turn their living room into an interactive yoga studio. Yogaia aims to make physical activity a natural part of people’s lives by offering live online classes of yoga, pilates, stretching and meditation. They range from five minutes to over an hour and are suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility.

In addition to live sessions, users can opt for thousands of on-demand pre-recorded videos. More recently, Yogaia has expanded its offering by including bodyweight workouts, kettlebell training, core and mobility sessions, helping to find the perfect exercise for different needs.

“We at Yogaia are a truly mission-driven team, and it is extremely important for all our team members that with our service we can concretely improve people’s wellbeing,” said COO and sport psychologist Kaisa Soininen.


Offering wooden fitness products for both adults and children, FitWood takes its inspiration from the Nordic nature.

FitWood of Scandinavia / Facebook

Tampere-based FitWood of Scandinavia is all about maintaining an active lifestyle without compromising on home décor. Launched in 2015, the company designs and manufactures wooden fitness equipment that not only help people to stay fit, but also bring style to the home.

Made of wood from certified northern forests, FitWood wall bars, gym rings, chin bars, exercise wheels and other products are functional and long-lasting, as well as pleasant on the eye so one doesn’t need to hide them after the workout. Additionally, FitWood offers a fun product line for toddlers and children to keep them physically active and assist them in building confidence in their mobility skills.

With retail partners outside Finland and customers as far as Canada and the US, FitWood continues pushing for international growth.

“I see great potential in the way FitWood combines fitness, Scandinavian design and sustainability,” said CEO Santeri Hilli.


Available for all devices, the Break Pro app offers more than 300 effective, easy and safe break exercises for better physical and mental wellbeing.

Break Pro / Facebook

Designed by experienced physiotherapists, this mobile platform is targeted mainly at office personnel and other professionals who need to reduce the physical burden of spending long hours sitting down.

The Break Pro app motivates users to have regular breaks throughout the workday and offers one-minute exercise videos filmed on the shores of picturesque Finnish lakes. Additionally, the app offers useful tips from an occupational physiotherapist for proper ergonomics.

“During my physical therapy studies and later as I specialised as an occupational physical therapist, it became obvious to me that instead of passively treating clients a physical therapist can best promote their health by motivating them to exercise,” explained founder and CEO Janne Rajakallio.

The app is already trusted by hundreds of businesses in Finland, including Fazer, Fortum and S Group. Moreover, Finnish wellbeing knowhow is set to make its way to the global market as many international companies have expressed their interest in the app.

By: Zhanna Koiviola