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Five from Finland


A match made in Moominvalley – Finnish innovation teams up with Finland’s beloved trolls.

Julia Helminen

Adored by children and adults alike, the Moomins are part of the Finnish identity. They also help Finnish businesses to make an impact.

The charming mythical creatures created decades ago by Tove Jansson have transcended their storybook origins. Nowadays they have become a cherished part of popular culture. They can be found on TV screens, a wide range of consumer goods and even the bodies of Finnair planes.

These five Finnish brands have stepped into Moominvalley and haven’t looked back.


Moomin Language School merges language acquisition with the Moomin universe to create a fun and effective learning experience for children.

Moomin Language School

Foreign language skills can ensure that children grow into happy and creative global citizens. So says this education technology company. The Moomins are there to help with the mission. Playvation’s Moomin Language School is a playful and effective digital language learning method targeted at children aged three to seven.

“The Moomins have a supporting role in the service: the characters promote learning and join children on their journeys,” explained CEO Anu Guttorm. “The Moomins’ values include courageousness, equality and appreciation of nature. These are the kinds of values that are needed today around the globe.”

The result has been well received by teachers and kids in Finland. Moomin Language School has also found its way into kindergartens and primary schools in other parts of the world, including Turkey, Morocco, China and Vietnam.


Clothes and accessories knitted from Novita’s colourful Moomin-themed yarns are perfect for many kinds of adventures.


The largest manufacturer of hand-knitting yarns in the Nordic countries knows how to delight knitting enthusiasts and Moomin fans.

It's not all colourful Moomin-themed yarn collections. The company also offers a series of bookazines featuring Moomin-inspired knits for both children and grown-ups. Designed by Novita's trusted designers, these patterns are meant to make knitting even more addictive and fun.

“Moomins have continued to captivate new generations and the world since Novita last had Moomin-yarns in the 1970s,” said owner and member of the board Daniela Yrjö-Koskinen. “Novita is rapidly becoming more international, and the Moomin yarns have attracted interest internationally.”


The Moomin-themed Reima Baby Box has all the essentials for a baby’s first year and makes for a perfect baby shower gift.


Drawing inspiration from Finland’s baby box, this leading kids activewear brand has launched the Moomin-themed Reima Baby Box. This starter pack is for expectant parents and parents with a newborn baby. The box contains gender-neutral baby essentials meeting the strictest standards on baby wear and using premium materials.

Reima Baby Box has enjoyed a warm international response. It currently comes in two versions: winter (for babies born between June and December) and summer (for babies born between January and May).

“Reima shares the same values as the Moomins, and we admire the art and work of Tove Jansson,” the company stated. “Family and friends are at the heart of what we do, as are the four seasons and an active outdoorsy and adventurous mindset.”


At the heart of Coruu’s Moomin collection are intricately designed jewellery pieces that carry with them the essence of Moomin stories.


If having a Moomin on your tablet or clothes isn’t enough, this female-run jewellery company can offer you a delightful Moomin collection. Made of silicone or wood, these earrings, bracelets and necklaces are super light and suitable for people with allergies.

For Coruu, the licence agreement with Moomin Characters was a business milestone and a gateway to Asian markets. It has a special focus on Moomin-fond Japan.

“Although there are other countries abundant with Moomin fans, Japan is by far the most interesting one,” co-founder Maarit Fellman said, a few years ago. “It’s so populous that there’s a chance for big success.”


Soften’s Moomin-themed acoustic panels not only serve as a brilliant solution for sound control but also infuse spaces with the charm of well-liked characters.


These experts in acoustic interior solutions have managed to make the idyllic Moomin world even softer. How is that possible? With its acoustic panels for public spaces and open offices in its Moomin collection.

The panels are available in different colours and easy to install. The Moomin-themed boards can turn a plain wall into a fairytale adventure while still serving their primary purpose.

“Of course, our core focus is acoustics, but besides that the most important factor for us is how a product looks,” emphasised CEO and founder Sami Helle. “We aim to make stylish and easily transformable products which you are not ashamed to put on display in any space.”

By: Zhanna Koiviola