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World’s first reindeer influencer promotes Finnish wilderness

Vesku wants to show his fans how to live more like a reindeer, which means a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle, including a wild food diet.

Kota Collective, @veskuthereindeer

Visit Finland has teamed up with the world’s first reindeer influencer, Vesku, to offer six free summer trips to Finnish Lapland.

The Trust the Wilderness campaign aims to dispel the notion that Lapland is only a winter destination for Santa seekers by highlighting its allure during the warmer months. Vesku has been tasked with showcasing the region’s untamed beauty and unique summer experiences. The campaign draws attention to some of Finnish Lapland’s top destinations, including Kemi, Levi, Luosto, Pyhä, Ruka-Kuusamo, Ylläs and Lapland North, as the reindeer journeys through the region’s wilderness on his popular Instagram page

With over 210 000 reindeer calling Lapland home, the campaign spotlights the distinctiveness and diversity of what is known as the last wilderness of Europe.

As part of the Visit Finland initiative, followers of the Vesku The Reindeer Instagram account can be in the running for six four-night Lapland trips in which the winners will be “herded” on carefully curated trips across his homeland. To participate, followers must guess Vesku’s whereabouts in Lapland based on the clues shared on selected Wednesdays. The winners can expect never-ending summer light and activities reflecting a reindeer’s mindful and sustainable lifestyle, such as foraging for wild food, exploring national parks, climbing fells and lake swimming.

The campaign showcases the beauty of Finnish Lapland and the culture, events and culinary experiences the region offers in the summer.  

Daniel Taipale

“There is no better ambassador for summer in Lapland than a genuine local reindeer,” stated Heli Jimenez, senior director of international marketing & PR at Business Finland. In addition, Jimenez underlined the alignment between Vesku’s approach to life and the Finnish lifestyle, one that emphasises outdoor activities and fresh, foraged ingredients.

More and more visitors are experiencing the Finnish lifestyle in recent times. Indeed, the Finnish travel industry overall is in the midst of a considerable post-pandemic revival, with 18.3 million passengers utilising Finnish airports in 2023. This marks a 19 per cent increase from the year before.

By: Eeva Haaramo