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New MICHELIN stars shine on Finnish restaurants

The MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Nordic Countries was held in Helsinki for the first time.


The MICHELIN Guide has announced its new stars for Nordic restaurants, with two Finnish establishments earning the coveted recognition this year.

The newcomers to receive the distinction are Tapio in Ruka, Northern Finland, and The ROOM by Kozeen Shiwan in Helsinki

Tapio, run by Johanna Mourujärvi and her partner, British chef Connor Laybourne, is also the world's northernmost restaurant to receive a MICHELIN star. The guide praised the restaurant, located at the heart of a ski resort, as a superb dining destination, stating: “There is a pared-back style to Connor’s cooking, which emphasises the wonderful purity of the ingredients’ natural flavours – while still containing multiple layers of flavour in every well-constructed dish.”

The ROOM, known for its unique and theatrical dining experience, is founded by Kozeen Shiwan. The 14-seat restaurant offers an immersive experience that greatly impressed the judges: “Engaging with guests, bigging himself up like an MC and delivering his dishes with a flamboyant touch, Kozeen provides a dining experience unlike any other. Born in Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq, he recounts the story of his life through his cooking, which transcends the immersive setting and proves to be truly impressive.”

These additions bring the total number of Finnish restaurants with MICHELIN stars to nine. Palace in Helsinki remains the country’s only two-star restaurant. The existing one-star establishments are Olo, Demo, Grön and Finnjävel Salonki in Helsinki, VÅR in Porvoo and Kaskis in Turku.

The ROOM has 14 seats and promises an immersive sensory experience.

Tuomas Lindgren

Special mention for sustainability

In addition to the new stars, the MICHELIN Guide awarded a Green Star to Nokka in Helsinki, recognising its commitment to sustainable practices. The Green Star, introduced in 2021, honours restaurants that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly initiatives. Nokka exemplifies this by using leftover wines to make in-house vinegar, repurposing kitchen oil for heating greenhouses, and pickling or fermenting ingredients to reduce waste and enhance flavour.

Nokka is the fifth restaurant in Finland to receive a Green Star, following Grön, Natura, Nolla and VÅR.

The distinctions were announced during the MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Nordic Countries at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki. The event was part of the City of Helsinki’s Feast Helsinki programme, which celebrates the capital’s unique culinary culture.  

Overall, the Nordic countries welcomed two new three-star restaurants, two new two-star restaurants and nine new one-star restaurants.

“This reaffirms the region’s place as a fascinating and ever-evolving dining destination with real depth and quality,” said Gwendal Poullennec, international director of The MICHELIN Guides . “There are exceptional restaurants across Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, which together showcase a variety of cuisine types and a number of dedicated hospitality professionals at the top of their game, along with a true, ever-growing commitment to sustainable gastronomy.”

By: Eeva Haaramo