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Audicin raises funds to fine-tune mental wellness

Audicin is led by an all-female founding team, including (l to r) Mariana Sousa Aguiar, Laura Avonius (CEO) and Victoria Williamson. 


Helsinki-based startup Audicin has secured 520 000 euros in funding for its patent-pending audio treatments, which aim to regulate the nervous system.

The pre-seed round attracted notable angel investors including Petteri Lahtela and Virpi Tuomivaara, co-founders of the successful Finnish health tech startup ŌURA. Audicin plans to use the funding to boost its go-to-market activities, focusing on revenue growth and scalability. Its audio treatments for enhancing mental and physiological wellbeing are already available through Android and iOS apps.

Laura Avonius, Audicin CEO and co-founder, expressed her satisfaction with the funding round: “We raised more than planned, kept our valuation on target, attracted highly competent investors and launched our product ahead of completion in a challenging economic environment.”

The company’s curated “audio journeys” combine scientific research and music. They are designed to deliver the benefits of mindfulness without distraction, meaning they can be listened to while working or doing daily activities. Audicin asserts that this approach can, for example, improve focus and mood and effectively help to combat stress, insomnia and productivity challenges.

Lahtela, one of the investors, shared his experience with the product: “It has been absolutely amazing to see how [Audicin] enables me to focus while working and to significantly increase the depth of relaxation while resting during the day.”

Audicin can be used while working or doing other everyday activities.

Facebook / Audicin

Audicin was founded in 2022 by Avonius, Victoria Williamson and Mariana Sousa Aguiar. Outside the Finnish market, the company has already had positive pilot testing experiences in the US.

Throwable mics and 3D audiobooks 

Audicin follows a series of notable innovations in audio technology emerging from Finland. Catchbox’s throwable microphone was featured on TIME magazine’s Best Inventions list for 2023. In March, Into Kustannus, Genelec and Silencio published the world’s first children’s audiobook series incorporating immersive, three-dimensional sounds. Additionally, Genelec announced that its active loudspeakers are integrated into the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, the company’s long-term partner in the US.

By: Eeva Haaramo