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Finnish log home to have world’s first fossil-free steel roof

Honkarakenne’s construction expertise is showcased by Sataman Viilu, a sauna-and-restaurant complex in Jyväskylä, Central Finland.


Honkarakenne and Ruukki Construction are collaborating on a pilot project on using fossil-free steel in roofing structures.

The project will see a roof made from fossil-free steel installed on a log home that is being built by Honkarakenne in Klaukkala, Southern Finland. The steel is produced using a technology that reduces iron ore with hydrogen and fossil-free electricity, rather than coal and coke, by Ruukki Construction in Vimpeli, South Ostrobothnia.

The log home will be the first in the world to be protected from the elements by a roof made from fossil-free steel, according to the companies.

Honkarakenne pointed out that the roof is “a perfect match” for eco-friendly solid-wood logs, which have a small carbon footprint thanks to their ability to store carbon for the long term. Eino Hekali, product director at the construction company, said the company is constantly looking for climate-friendly construction products in order to maximise the quality and minimise the carbon footprint of its houses.

“We want to collaborate with suppliers that manufacture durable, high-quality products and genuinely aim to promote sustainability,” he said.

Jorma Korhonen, director of roofing business at Ruukki Construction in Finland, said Ruukki is similarly engaged in long-term collaborations in order to reduce the environmental burden of construction.

Ruukki Construction is part of SSAB Group, a Swedish manufacturer of specialised steel.

By: Aleksi Teivainen