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Finnair uses scents to create a journey to remember

Finnair is sending its business-class customers on a scent journey with products created by SEES Company, a natural cosmetics company hailing from Helsinki.


Finnish airline Finnair has entered into a partnership designed to provide fragrance experiences to travellers.

Available in the business class on long-haul flights and lounges at Helsinki Airport, the experiences are crafted using cedar and lavender-scented hand soaps, hand lotions, cosmetics and hair care products created by SEES Company, a natural cosmetics company based in Helsinki.

“Our goal was to create a cohesive scent world that seamlessly transitions from lounges to aeroplanes, offering a unified olfactory experience,” told Elisa Koivumaa, CEO of SEES Company.

The purpose of the partnership is to relax and soothe the mind of travellers while elevating mundane moments such as handwashing, according to her.

Led by CEO Elisa Koivumaa, SEES Company has also established a presence in the Japanese market.

Sanna Lehto

The company has created its cosmetics, room fragrances, essential oils and household cleaning products by combining natural essential oils with pure and biodegradable ingredients. The vegan-friendly raw materials are all derived from renewable natural resources, and the products come in bottles made from recycled plastic.

Humans, the company pointed out, react subconsciously to scents, which stimulate parts of the brain that control emotions and memories. Scents can therefore evoke strong memories, offering companies an opportunity to enhance their brand experience.

“Few Finnish companies utilise authentic scents to enhance their brand experience. It’s wonderful that Finnair has taken a step towards building a scent journey of its own,” said Koivumaa.

Natural beauty

Finland has a lot on offer for those considering switching from conventional to natural cosmetics and skin care. Good News from Finland recently gathered together a list of five notable companies bringing out the best from what nature has to offer. Together they are creating high-performance cosmetics that are kind to both the skin and the planet.

By: Aleksi Teivainen