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Helsinki invites firms to develop ethical learning solutions

The City of Helsinki has invited companies to create artificial intelligence-based solutions that foster personalised learning and the development of individualised learning materials.

Maija Astikainen / Helsinki Partners

The City of Helsinki in March announced an innovation competition to encourage companies to develop ethical artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that support personalised learning.

The Finnish capital said the aim of the competition is to co-develop a learning analytics solution based on artificial intelligence that takes into account the diverse perspectives of learners and equal learning opportunities. The solution, it outlined, should be a generic technological solution that is suitable for teaching and learning in the context of various subjects and employs a learner-oriented approach.

“For example, the solution can utilise AI to personalise a learner’s learning process, adapt the learning materials to the leaner’s needs or produce information related to competence development and the personalisation of the learning process,” the announcement reads.

It should not be based on mechanistic learning concepts such as multiple-choice tasks.

Helsinki revealed that it is prepared to procure trials from one or more companies participating in the competition with a view to developing the solution to the proof-of-concept phase during the trial. The trial offers the company or companies a “unique opportunity” to accumulate competence and capabilities related to artificial intelligence and learning analytics with top experts from the city.

Interested companies can register for the competition by submitting a competitive tender on the city’s website.

By: Aleksi Teivainen