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Breaking News

World-leading supercomputer LUMI to be built in Finland

An architectural impression of the LUMI data centre design. The word ‘lumi’ means ‘snow’ in Finnish.

Synopsis Architects & Geometria Architecture

LUMI will begin operations in mid-2021, supercharging European competitiveness and research.

LUMI’s superpowers

LUMI will be based on Hewlett Packard’s HPE Cray EX supercomputer.  Its capability of 552 x 1015 floating-point operations per second (flops) will represent a significant step towards exascale computing, which refers to the capacity to compute 1018 flops and is the estimated processing power of the human brain.

LUMI will pack a storage of 117 petabytes and be configured with a bandwidth of 160 terabytes per second, enough to accommodate the entire global internet traffic twice.

By: Samuli Ojala