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Kids find joy at Finnish online summer school

Joy of Learning offered kids an opportunity to learn science through imagination and play, use technology to make music, and develop their social and emotional skills.


A contingent of Finnish educational companies has completed a joint pilot project with children in the UAE. The project sought to assess how cross-border remote learning for young children can work in practice.

A total of 15 children between the ages of five and eight attended the two-week Joy of Learning summer camp, held online earlier this month. Led by education management company Education House Finland, the pilot showcased a range of digital learning solutions from Finland.

The daily three-hour morning programme covered topics such as science through imagination and play, creative use of technology for making music, meaningful movement, positivity and social and emotional skills, coding, fun Arabic learning, and a gamified online maths challenge.

The Finnish companies showcasing their solutions for the pupils included Eduten, INTO SCHOOL, Kide Science, Kodarit MoovKids, Positive and Seppo. Meanwhile, Claned’s learning platform was used to run the programme, for both launching the live sessions and providing some self-paced activities.

According to Katia Al-Kaisi, the CEO of Education House Finland, collaboration between Finnish education companies makes a stronger impact than doing things alone.

“By working as a joint team from nine different companies, the extremely important learnings from the pilot and feedback from the children and their parents can be shared among us all,” Al-Kaisi said. “The overwhelmingly positive feedback we got only strengthened what we already know about the excellence of Finnish education solutions and the level of learner engagement and motivation they embed.”

The enthusiastic experiences reported by the pupils in attendance are set to ensure such collaborative efforts will continue in future.

Published on 25.08.2020