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Kick-off for Pyynikin and Norwich City FC

Norwich City FC’s legendary star players Adam Drury (left) and Grant Holt (right) sport the freshly brewed attire with Tuomas Pere and Veikko Sorvaniemi.Pyynikin Brewing

English football club Norwich City has tapped independent Finnish brewery Pyynikin to bring the club’s official IPA and lemonade to global markets.

Pyynikin will produce and retail the new beverages sporting the colours and imagery of Norwich City FC. The products will also be available to international customers via the brewery’s online shop. The English-style IPA will hit the shelves sometime in February or March, and the first batches have already sold out.

“This is one of our most significant partnerships and it’s awesome to be collaborating with a club that is part of one of the world’s most popular sports leagues,” Tuomas Pere, head brewer at Pyynikin, commented to M&M. “It will support and let us continue our good start in conquering Britain. This is also a part of building our international growth.”

The partnership was put into play following a sensational run for Finnish football, spearheaded by fan-favourite striker Teemu Pukki of Norwich City FC. The market potential hasn’t gone unnoticed by either party.

“Our expansion throughout Finland over the past few months has brought tremendous success, not just in the building of a new passionate Finnish fan-base, but in the formation of some really exciting new partnerships,” said Ben Tunnell, head of commercial development at Norwich City FC.

Growing by 10 per cent for three years in a row, Pyynikin also has its eyes on international markets. The company is betting on the surge in publicity to attract new investors and contacts all around the globe.

By: Samuli Ojala