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Kemppi wins Red Dot Product Design Award

Kemppi’s MasterTig product family has been designed with professional welders in mind.Kemppi

Lahti-based Kemppi has been recognised at the Red Dot Awards for its two product designs in welding equipment.

Kemppi’s MasterTig welding equipment and Flexlite welding torch were recognised for their designs at the Red Dot Design Awards, held annually since 1955. Both products showcase the added value of modularity and enhanced user experience arising from comprehensive design principles.

“In welding equipment, creating a good and innovative design goes far beneath the surface,” saidOmkar More, chief designer at Kemppi. “The equipment must be practical, functional, ergonomic, safe, reliable and cost effective – while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal.”

The adaptability and easy-to-use form of both products aim to empower welders to maintain professional standards and productivity regardless of their working environment.

“This user-oriented design philosophy is something that Kemppi’s designers and engineers have successfully managed to apply to every machine designed since the company was founded in 1949,” continued More.

Kemppi boasts a proud legacy of recognitions from the Red Dot Awards, having received awards in 2006, 2009 and 2012. The international attention is a result of investments in research and development, which equal 10 per cent of the company’s annual turnover.

By: Samuli Ojala