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Helsinki opens online resource on trial opportunities

The City of Helsinki is looking to provide fertile ground for ideas to blossom and bloom.

Julia Kivelä / City of Helsinki

The City of Helsinki has launched its first website with a domain ending in .helsinki, offering information on collaboration opportunities for companies eager to test their products in a real-life environment in the Finnish capital.

The testbed.helsinki website represents a step forward for the accessibility of city-provided trial opportunities for companies, innovators, researchers and product development experts, viewed Kimmo Heinonen, a chief advisor at the City of Helsinki.

“The website provides information about and contacts for learning more about trial opportunities with City of Helsinki,” he summarised.

The resource is targeted at domestic and foreign companies eager to develop and test their products and services together with Helsinki. The city provides the companies with a variety of real-life development environments ranging from schools and healthcare units to infrastructure and city-owned residential buildings.

Serving as a development and testing platform for innovative solutions and new business activities is one of the strategic themes of the City of Helsinki. One example of such activity is the testing of Elisa’s 5G solution at Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts.

The testbed.helsinki website signals the roll-out of domain names ending in .helsinki, the objective of which is to improve the accessibility and customer-orientation of city-organised online services.

“We will initially test the top-level domain with a number of new services and then assess its functionality and the opportunities it provides for bolstering our city’s international visibility and […] brand in the online realm,” said Liisa Kivelä, the communications director at the City of Helsinki.

By: Aleksi Teivainen