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Helsinki launches idea competition for new park

The park design will help guide the temporary use of the area, with the project slated for is eventual completion in the 2040s.

Voima Graphics / City of Helsinki

The Finnish capital has launched an international competition to find innovative and inspiring, as well as practically, technically and financially feasible, suggestions for the design of Lentoasemanpuisto, a recreational area to be built on the site of Malmi Airport.

Lentoasemanpuisto is set to become the green nucleus of the new residential area and contribute greatly to the overall identity of the still-developing district.

“The park is going to become a new and inviting recreational destination, which will attract visitors from all over Helsinki,” envisioned Anni Sinnemäki, Helsinki’s Deputy Mayor for Urban Development. “The competition is organised to create a high-quality park in terms of landscape architecture for versatile recreational use for both the current and new residents of Malmi.”

Sinnemäki is also heading the jury of the competition staged in co-operation with the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects (MARK).

The master plan for the airport site is founded on a network of green areas utilising and connecting the unique characteristics of the site: the runways, long sightlines and open landscapes.

The competition participants are faced with the formidable task of designing a distinctive park that combines the rich cultural heritage of the site with natural, ecological and functional values. The submissions are also expected to sketch how the area could be temporarily used during the decades-long construction project.

The deadline for submissions is 6 November 2020. To be announced in the first half of next year, the results of the competition will be utilised in planning both the temporary use of the area and the final park design.

The competition documents will be made available by the City of Helsinki.

Published on 12.05.2020