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Finnish libraries to lend out BBQ grills

In light of the easing of gathering restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic, Atria is donating BBQ grills to libraries around Finland.


Finnish food company Atria is donating BBQ grills to libraries around the country for borrowing this summer.

Finland’s library system is widely acclaimed for its diversity of services. Aside from the more traditional offering of books, library users can borrow items such as tools, board games, musical instruments and sports equipment.

The happiest country in the world just found another reason to smile this summer. Image: Atria

Now BBQ grills are being added to the catalogue, thanks to an initiative by Atria. The grills are being made available from June, in sets consisting of the grill, a tote bag, a cleaning brush, instructions and a safety manual.

According to a press release, the company’s campaign seeks “to promote Finnish cuisine and make grilling accessible for everyone”.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to add BBQ grills in our repertory,” saidErna Marttila, chief librarian at Helsinki’s Kallio Library. “What would be a more pleasant way to spend a summer day than enjoying a good read and delicious BBQ food.”

The grills can be borrowed from the libraries in the same manner as other items of occasional use, such as sports equipment, but only by people of age.

Finland is renowned for its high-calibre libraries and gifted itself a state-of-the-art facility in downtown Helsinki to celebrate its centenary. Elsewhere, the Espoo City Library received The Library of the Year Award in 2019, recognised by judges as being “a fine example to the world of an open and innovative service for everyone”.

Published on 27.05.2020