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Finnish edtech firms open free digital school

Families with children are in for a change in the daily rhythm of life, but luckily digital tools are supporting working and learning for all ages.Sakari Piippo

A group of Finnish education technology providers have launched the Koulu.me website offering educational tools for distance learning amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.

Koulu.me is an open innovation project that currently offers learning applications for pre-school to secondary education students in a wide range of subjects including maths, science, language learning and design. The website is likely to increase the selection of applications as more and more education providers turn to digital opportunities to adapt to the situation.

“Exceptional times call for exceptional measures,” saidJouni Kangasniemi, programme director of Education Finland. “I am happy to see that Finnish edtech solutions and content are now available for continuing and meaningful learning throughout Finland and abroad.”

The brainchild of Spinverse’s Laura Koponen, the website was born during the first weekend of the outbreak in Finland out of her concern over her children’s education and desire to help others.

“As a mother of two primary school boys, I wanted to do something tangible to help teachers in their challenging task to continue teaching in the coming weeks,” explained Koponen. “Providing schools with free access to engaging and motivating educational content for the duration of the outbreak was the idea I started working on with edtech entrepreneurs.”

The Finnish companies offering their learning tools on the website include 10Monkeys, 3DBear, Code School Finland, Eduten, EdVisto, Elias Robot, Four Ferries, Freeed, Language Clubhouse, Mehackit, Mightifier, Moka Mera, Reactored, Sanako,  School Day, Seppo, Thinglink, Vuolearning, TypeTastic and TinyApp.

By: Samuli Ojala