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Finnish air purifiers donated to Wuhan hospitals

AAVI Technologies Jiangsu produces the air purifiers at its factory near Shanghai.Aavi Technologies

Finland’s AAVI Technologies has signed a co-operation agreement with China CAMC Engineering to bring 100 air purifiers to five hospitals treating patients infected by the coronavirus in the Wuhan area.

The first shipment of the virus-killing AAVI Leaf air purifiers left AAVI’s warehouse in Qidong already on 29 January. The air purifiers will also be donated to the new hospital that is being constructed in Wuhan to treat patients with the coronavirus.

AAVI Technologies’ air purifiers are widely used in environments such as schools and hospitals. Their purification efficiency is based on the ionisation of contaminated particles. The pathogens are killed and seized by the collector surfaces, from which they are automatically removed.

The internationally patented technology provides greater sustained efficiency than a UV light or HEPA filter due to the absence of clogging filters that require changing. It can also remove nano-sized particles, coal dust, virus, bacteria and gases.

Some 95 per cent of all of the company’s products are sold to the Chinese market by AAVI Technologies’ Chinese parent company, Synergy New Technologies Service. In order to meet the growing demand in China, AAVI Technologies established a factory near Shanghai in 2018.

The news follows the announcement that Finnish indoor air quality specialist Genano has supplied Chinese hospitals with air decontamination units to help to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

Published on 04.02.2020