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Finland well positioned in transition to sustainable energy 

The index looked at the current performance of countries’ energy systems, and their readiness for transition to a secure, sustainable, affordable, and inclusive future energy system.

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The World Economic Forum has ranked Finland third overall in its annual analysis of the energy sectors of different countries. 

Energy Transition Index 2020assessed the readiness of 115 countries to adopt clean energy using three criteria: energy access and security, environmental sustainability, and economic development and growth.  

Sweden led the ranking for the third consecutive year, followed by Switzerland and Finland. 

“Top-ranked countries share a reduced reliance on imported energy, lower energy subsidies and a strong political commitment to transforming their energy sector to meet climate targets,” the World Economic Forumpointed out 

The report also acknowledged how the economic and social damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the momentum gained in recent years. The impact is not all negative, however. 

“The coronavirus pandemic offers an opportunity to consider unorthodox intervention in the energy markets and global collaboration to support a recovery that accelerates the energy transition once the acute crisis subsides,” saidRoberto Bocca, head of energy and materials at the World Economic Forum.  

“This giant reset grants us the option to launch aggressive, forward-thinking and long-term strategies leading to a diversified, secure and reliable energy system that will ultimately support the future growth of the world economy in a sustainable and equitable way.” 

Published on 20.05.2020