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Arctic Blue Gin package named product of the year

The winning package depicts an image of the flickering Northern Lights.Metsä Board

An Arctic Blue Gin package designed by Metsä Board and implemented by Hazen Paper Company from Massachusetts has been awarded in the US.

The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) has presented its 2020 Product of the Year award to Hazen Paper Company.  The structure, embossing and original graphics of the award-winning package were designed by Finland’s Metsä Board.

“We wanted to convey an image of a clean, crisp winter night highlighted with Northern Lights rippling across the Finnish sky,” said Mark Beamesderfer, Metsä Board’s packaging services director for the Americas. “The imagery really stands out and provides exceptional visual elements for maximum brand enhancement.”

Hazen Paper Company applauded Metsä Board’s contribution to the winning holographic package, saying it ensures the large hologram surface adhered to the paperboard without any flaw.

“[Metsä Board’s] paperboard has a very uniform smooth surface, scores and folds exceptionally well, and has economic and environmental superiority,” said the company’s president John Hazen. “It is an optimal paperboard for transfer metallising and ideal for a high-end graphic arts application, with both beauty and brawn.”

Arctic Blue Gin is produced by Finland’s Nordic Premium Beverages. The artisan liquor company takes inspiration from the Arctic nature, sourcing wild Arctic bilberries from Eastern Finland. Established in 1989, Nordic Premium Beverages is the oldest winery and producer of sparkling wine in Finland.

Wild Arctic bilberries are combined with other Arctic botanicals and fresh spring water to make Arctic Blue Gin. Image: Nordic Premium Beverages


Published on 12.05.2020