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Finnish gin selected as best in world

The world’s best gin comes from Ostrobothnia in Finland, according to the jury of the International Wine & Spirit Competition.Kimmo Syväri

Napue Gin, created by Kyrö Distillery in Ostrobothnia, Finland, won first place in the Gin & Tonic category at the International Wine & Spirit Competition organised in the UK.

Wine estates and distilleries from 90 countries took part, including some 150 varieties of gin. The rye-based Napue Gin from Isokyrö, Finland, came out on top of its category based on a blind tasting by the jury.

In August 2014, Napue Gin was launched for distribution to restaurants. It appeared on the shelves of Alko, Finland’s national alcoholic beverage retailer, in July this year. The raw material for all of the Finnish distillery’s products is rye and they are sold in nine countries.

The International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), the oldest in its field, was launched in 1969. The Gin & Tonic category was included for the first time this year.

Published on 24.07.2015