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Good News from Finland is a service that covers positive and globally interesting news topics related to Finnish companies, businesses and innovations.

We publish news daily in English and Russian. Our website is visited by more than 70 000 readers each month, mainly located abroad. The largest share of our international audience can be found in Russia, India, Spain, the UK, the United States, France, Brazil, Canada and Germany.

Good News from Finland is a part of Finpro, a government-funded organisation bringing growth to Finland. The website maintains an independent journalistic style and decision-making process.

All opinions expressed in our weekly opinion columns are those of the author and do not reflect the viewpoint of Finpro.

Editorial staff

James O’Sullivan, managing editor, tel.  +358 40 544 5922

Anne Salomäki, subeditor, tel.  +358 50 327 2023

Katja Anttila, reporter (on maternity leave)

Elisa Häggström, trainee


Heidi Aho, David J. Cord, Eeva Haaramo, Teemu Henriksson, Rasmus Hetemäki, Alicia Jensen, Polina Kopylova, Mika Oksanen, Kirill Reznik.


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