Trip Republic makes travel more personal

August 24, 2016

These days, organising a journey abroad yourself is more possible than ever before. Now it’s time to cut down the time it takes to do so.

Finnish live music provider Artist Exchange expands to Germany

August 24, 2016

Finland-based music industry startup Artist Exchange expands to Germany in early 2017.

Tecnotree deal powers over 10 million subscribers in Afghanistan

August 23, 2016

Finnish telecom IT solutions provider Tecnotree has deployed its strategic Convergent Billing Solution (CBS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for a leading telecommunications operator in Afghanistan.

Anders Innovations forges online business success stories

August 22, 2016

Anders Innovations, a Finnish e-commerce company, has been chosen among the ten fastest growing companies in Finland and the top 100 most promising companies in Europe. Now it is deepening its international presence with a spin-off company in the US.

Fibion takes a stand against sitting

August 19, 2016

These days there are a multitude of gadgets on hand that measure everything from the steps you take to the time spent exercising. But, how about seemingly insignificant daily activities such as sitting or standing?

Futurefly visualises a new approach to messaging

August 17, 2016

By enabling the use of personalised avatars, Rawr Messenger unlocks a treasure trove of emotions to help enrich communication.

Finnish startups turn food waste into great taste

August 15, 2016

Restaurants and supermarkets in Finland alone throw away 150-200 million kilos of food every year. But if this trio of Finnish startups succeeds, that won’t be the case for long.

Finnish Raute signs EUR 17 million deal in Poland

August 23, 2016

Finland-based technology company Raute has won a significant deal from Polish Steico Spolca, a subsidiary of German producer of wood-based construction material Steico SE.

Wirepas and u-blox seek industrial IoT solutions

August 22, 2016

Finnish software company Wirepas has partnered with Swiss wireless and positioning modules and chips specialists u-blox.

Finnish Aalto University ranked world’s third-best fashion school

August 22, 2016

Aalto University creates the world’s best long-term value for its fashion students, according to the Global Fashion School Rankings 2016 by Business of Fashion (BoF).

Finnish Eve Tech about to launch new tablet

August 22, 2016

Finland-based technology company Eve Tech is bringing its second tablet to market.