Finnish research: genetic mutations prevent diabetes complications

February 12, 2016

A Finnish study has identified two genetic mutations that appear to lower the risk of contracting a diabetic retinal or kidney disease.

Nokia brings ultra-fast broadband access to Japan

February 12, 2016

Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia and Japanese ICT service provider Energia Communications (Enecom) will launch the first commercial deployment of broadband technology in Japan.

Grain Sense secures EUR 1.4 million in equity financing

February 11, 2016

Finnish agri-tech startup Grain Sense Oy has acquired a significant funding boost from VTT Ventures Ltd, Berner Ltd and three Nordic private investors with agricultural backgrounds.

Valossa takes video search to the next level with AI

February 11, 2016

Looking for that movie where Sean Connery wears red trousers? Or romantic comedies set in Hawaii? Finnish startup Valossa offers a new way to find video content with a combination of voice control and deep content analysis.

Finnish music makes a hit in the Asian market

February 11, 2016

A-Pop Castle, Music Finland’s songwriting workshop in the Finnish Lapland brought together music professionals from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Finland.

Persistence pays off for Seepia Games

February 9, 2016

After its first three games clocked up millions of downloads, this games studio aims to duplicate its success.

Finnish startup Zyptonite brings privacy to video calls

February 5, 2016

Born out of frustration with unreliable, insecure video calling services, Zyptonite believes it has found a better way.

Chinese company plans to build billion-euro biorefinery in Kemi

February 11, 2016

Kaidi, one of China’s largest bioenergy companies, is planning to construct a biorefinery in Kemi, Finland. The company will make the final investment decision over the course of this year.

H&M rewards Finnish cotton recycling innovation

February 11, 2016

An innovation for the conversion of waste-cotton into new textile received the Global Change Award by H&M Conscious Foundation. The innovation has been jointly developed by Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Basware signs five-year agreement with GKN Driveline

February 10, 2016

Finnish company Basware is to deliver accounts payable and e-invoicing services to GKN Driveline North America, Inc.

Valoe sells solar module plant to Ethiopia

February 10, 2016

Finnish technology provider Valoe has made a manufacturing partnership agreement in Ethiopia that includes an order for a solar module plant worth almost 16 million euros.