StealthCase signals a change for phone reception

August 23, 2017

If you have ever balanced next to an open window just to get mobile signal, Finnish startup StealthCase has some good news for you: time to wave goodbye to poor reception indoors.

Metso finds new distributors in India

August 22, 2017

Metso has strengthened its position in India by signing four non-exclusive distribution agreements for its valve products.

CGI to acquire Affecto

August 22, 2017

IT and business process services firm CGI has made an all cash offer of 98 million euros for Helsinki-based Affecto.

Sweet success for Finland’s little chocolate factory

August 22, 2017

For Finnish chocolate maker Peter Westerlund the key to great chocolate is no additives except time and creativity.

Sanako squeezes language labs into pocket devices

August 21, 2017

Teaching a language by the book is good for reading and writing, but on the streets it’s all about spoken words. Finnish Sanako wants to help language learners listen and speak.

Five for Friday: Sports tech

August 18, 2017

Finnish devotion to sport and intuition for tech manifests itself in successful sports tech endeavours.

Play yourself to safety with Rescuebusters

August 16, 2017

Many of the world’s most popular games are about shooting, chasing and killing. Finnish SyraWise wanted to create a game that, instead, can save real lives.

USD 20 million for Kuuhubb

August 22, 2017

Helsinki-based digital company Kuuhubb has received a significant funding boost from investors in Canada, Switzerland and Finland.

Finnish research seeks to improve wine and cider

August 21, 2017

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed cold-tolerant hybrid yeast strains that allow wine and cider fermentation at lower and higher temperatures than before. The new strains could help wine and cider makers improve the quality of their products.

Finland’s first superhero movie to German readers

August 21, 2017

The rights for the official novelisation of Rendel have been sold to Random House’s German imprint Heyne Verlag.

Finland to offer pioneering cancer treatment

August 21, 2017

Finnish hospital HYKS and American company Neutron Therapeutics are bringing a new cancer treatment to the international market.