Does size really matter in consumer business?

Irma Patala / 
August 16, 2018

In consumer business, being small can create a big growth, writes Irma Patala.

Customer satisfaction is the key to e-commerce

Tiina Skinnari / 
August 9, 2018

What insight does Lapland’s Young Entrepreneur 2018 have to say about eCommerce? Tiina Skinnari shares her thoughts.

Change focus from reports to speaking up about sustainability!

Julia Bushueva / 
August 2, 2018

Companies should implement more effective communication strategies for sustainability, states Julia Bushueva in this week's column.

New opportunities for Finnish waste management opening up in Georgia

Lana Korbelainen / 
July 26, 2018

In this week's column Lana Korbelainen tells about endless opportunities for Finnish waste management technologies and expertise in Georgia.

Design for science

Valeria Azovskaya / 
July 5, 2018

In this week's column Valeria Azovskaya tells about why collaboration between scientists and designers is beneficial and what role visualisation plays in materials research in Finland.

It all starts from sustainable products

Shahriare Mahmood / 
June 28, 2018

This week, Shahriare Mahmood outlines how sustainability informs the entire supply chain of the clothing business.

Enabling efficient cross-cultural interactions

Evilina Lutfi  / 
June 21, 2018

This week, Eviliina Lutfi shares her perspective regarding communication that resonates across cultures.

International journalists – messengers for Finland?

Katja Anttila / 
June 14, 2018

A growing awareness of Finland has awoken a deep appreciation for her home country, writes Katja Anttila, in this week’s column.

A change in pricing is just the ticket

Antti Korhonen / 
June 7, 2018

This week, Antti Korhonen tells why dynamic pricing could revolutionise event ticketing.

Modern Finnish small talk – genuine encounters

Tuulia Juntura / 
May 31, 2018

This week, Finnfacts trainee Tuulia Juntura offers a fresh take on Finnish small talk.

Finland is a country that boosts growth – literally

Nina Kinnunen  / 
May 24, 2018

Sustainability is at the core of growing, whether it is professional or a hobby, says Nina Kinnunen.