a woman holding a cup in a front of a snack machine
 Consumers pitched in during the Scoothie development process, offering feedback on the prototype. Image: VTT

VTT’s new health invention is a treat

An international consortium co-funded by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a healthy snack machine that will accommodate an active lifestyle with healthy products.

Samuli Ojala


The FoodMyWay project set out to test novel ways to provide personalised food products for people on the move or otherwise amidst a busy schedule. The other key attributes pursued with the solutions were convenience, agile preparation and healthy content.

“The trend towards personalised and healthy food and eating is growing as consumers want and also know how to demand products that meet their own preferences, values and needs,” said Emilia Nordlund, research team leader at VTT. “Consumers also wish to make their busy everyday lives easier with services that are easily accessible.”

The snack machine prototype features a user interface that allows customers to choose from a number of customisable Scoothie products based on their needs. In the future, the machine could offer hyper-customised products according to the customer’s health data and preferences.

“The machine seamlessly combines several technological solutions,” said Nordlund. “In addition to smart data processing, a lot is also required from the raw materials. In the FoodMyWay project, we explored a number of ingredients that are suitable for fast preparation without sacrificing taste or texture.”

The other Finnish partners in the consortium were AtriaMiils, Nature Lyotech, Raisio, and Valio.

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