February 10, 2020

DAILY BRIEF: A US subsidiary, an iconic rebranding, a deal in Australia and space tech

Need a lift? Aurora Propulsion Technologies will launch its deorbiting technology to space with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in December 2020.

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Nanoform, hasan & partners, Kalmar and Aurora Propulsion Technologies make headlines.

Nanoform establishes a subsidiary in the US, hasan & partners rebrands the iconic Royal Doulton chinaware company, Kalmar signs a three-year deal in Australia, and Aurora tests space technology.

Nanoform sets up shop in the US

Finnish nanotechnology company Nanoform, which has developed a proprietary method for shrinking drug particles, has established a wholly owned subsidiary in the US. According to the company, the move is the next natural step as it continues to increase the impact of its nanonisation technology and expand its pharma client base in the US. The establishment of Nanoform USA follows the appointment of seasoned pharma industry executive Sally Langa as head of Nanoform’s US sales.


hasan & partners modernises iconic Royal Doulton brand

Finnish advertising agency hasan & partners has updated the 200-year-old Royal Doulton chinaware and home decor company into an urban lifestyle brand to attract modern consumers. In the collaborative effort, hasan & partners was responsible for the whole marketing communications concept, visual identity and global marketing planning. The iconic London-based Royal Doulton brand is part of Finnish company Fiskars Group’s English & Crystal Living business.

hasan & partners

Kalmar supplies spare parts in Australia

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has signed a three-year Kalmar Parts Care deal with Victoria International Container Terminal in the Port of Melbourne, Australia. The agreement is the largest of its kind worldwide for Kalmar and ensures the availability of genuine spare parts for the fleet of Kalmar machinery operating in Australia’s first fully automated container terminal.


Aurora to demonstrate deorbit technology in space

Finnish startup Aurora Propulsion Technologies will test its deorbiting technology on a Momentus Space Vigoride mission later this year. Aurora will send a cubesat to orbit onboard the SpaceX 9 Falcon rocket in December 2020, after which it will ride with the new in-space transportation service Momentus Space to Sun-synchronous orbit. During the mission, Aurora will demonstrate the use of water-fuelled resistojet thrusters for attitude and altitude control, as well as the Plasma Brake module designed to move satellites of 1 000 kilos or less out of orbits.

Aurora Propulsion Technologies

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